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If you’re under 25 and planning to go on an awesome friends’ holiday, there are a few things to consider before looking for a vacation rental. From paranoid or nervous homeowners, through to sticking to the rules, and what type of vacation rental will be best for you, here’s the lowdown on vacation rentals for under 25s:

Over 21 and Over 25

Some vacation rentals are only available for groups of friends who are over the age 21 — and there are also plenty that won’t rent to under 25s. This is to do with the whole ‘we don’t believe you’re a responsible adult’ line of thought, however, the policy is the policy and there’s not much you can do to change a homeowner’s mind.

However, if you’re under 21 but some of the people in your group of friends are over 21, it’s worth emailing the homeowner or property manager to see whether they’ll consider your request to book. They might be lenient, so it’s good to message and double check. Browse the top vacation rental sites and see what properties you can find.

If you are traveling as a family, with children who are under the age of 21 or 25, there shouldn’t be a problem with requesting a booking. Homeowners normally don’t decline a booking by family groups. 

By Devin Avery

Spring Break

Homeowners can be less inclined to say ‘yes’ to a booking request for dates over Spring Break, as they know that’s when young people go wild. If you are looking to book a vacation rental over Spring Break, and want to head to somewhere like Ginnie Springs or the obvious choice of Cancun, be sure to book with plenty of time in advance. Rentals get completely booked up over this period.

By Juliana Dik

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Homeowners or property managers can be nervous about renting their house to a group of people who are under the age of 25. This is because there’s a high chance you’re going to party, not use household appliances correctly (and possibly break them), and go against the rules.

Before making a reservation through a vacation rental site, read the rules thoroughly. Can you drink or smoke at the property? What’s the maximum amount of people that can stay? Hosts will not be happy if they discover you’ve booked a house for 10 people, and crammed in 15 people. That’s going against the rules, and through some sites, you run the risk of getting a fine.

If a listing says that it will only accept bookings of groups who are over the age of 21 or 25, it’s worth politely messaging them, and telling them how responsible you are. Maybe you can bend their arm. Keep your word and take good care of their home.

By Eric Nopanen


This is one of the best parts of opting for a vacation home instead of staying in a hostel or hotel. You can have total privacy in a vacation rental. You can stay up late without being told to keep the noise down or getting kicked out or a hotel or hostel common area, plus you can wake up whenever you want without having to worry about making it to the free hotel breakfast in time. Some of the all-time best vacation memories are made in vacation rentals!

Save Money By Staying in a Vacation Rental

Staying in a vacation rental with a group of friends is a great way to save money. A whole house or apartment will work out substantially cheaper than if you were staying in individual rooms in a hotel, or beds in a hostel. You can also cook in bulk, meaning you can do a fun trip to the nearest supermarket, buy supplies, and take it in turns to cook a big group meal. This will save significant dollars for other fun activities you can do on your trip.

By Sharon McCutcheon

Types of Vacation Rental For Under 25s

Here are some of the best types of vacation rentals for under 25s:

Rentals with a Swimming Pool

The best type of vacation rentals for under 25s usually come with a pool. Look for a house or apartment where you can kick back with your friends, soak in the sun, and splash around in the pool. Bring an inflatable flamingo with you, and you’re all set!

Rentals with a Jacuzzi

Vacation rentals with a jacuzzi are popular for under 25s, who want to relax with friends. If you’re looking to party, a jacuzzi will be a great addition too.

By Simon Lund

Rentals with a Terrace

Look for a vacation rental with a terrace or outdoor space where you can chill out as a group. Most vacation rentals with outdoor space have a barbeque, some come with fire pits, and others with ping pong tables, deck chairs, and more!

Rentals by the Beach

Why not base yourself by the beach? You can spend the day at the beach before heading back to your vacation rental to relax. The best thing about renting a vacation home by the beach when you’re with a group is that everyone can do their own thing. If you only want to be at the beach for two hours in the afternoon, you can quickly walk back to your rental without having to wait for the others to leave too. One of the top beach destinations for Under 25s is Panama City Beach in Florida thanks to its white sands.

By Vincent Delegge

If Things Go Wrong

If things get out of hand at a vacation rental, the best thing to do is be honest and contact the property owner or homeowner immediately. If something minor has broken, wait until check-out to tell them. Some owners might strike a deal for damages with you in-person, others might register an official complaint through the vacation rental site or withhold all of your deposit.

As you enter the vacation rental on the first day of the booking, check the property thoroughly for any existing damage, and make sure to point out anything you see to the person who’s in charge of letting you in. Take photos of any obvious damages — this is to prevent a homeowner or property manager claiming you’re responsible for damages you didn’t actually make.

By Chuttersnap
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