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Latin American culture undeniably contains the sexiest, most romantic dances out there. You may be looking to be swept off your feet, dance out a wild night or rekindle the sparks in your relationship.

1. Buenos Aires – Tango

Tango, known as the dance of lovers, is sexy, mysterious and serious all in one. For the most passionate lovers, it would be a mistake to spend time in Buenos Aires without exploring a romantic connection through music. For los solteros, taking a tango class might just lead you to your sexiest partner on and off the dance floor, or at least give us love-pessimists a reminding taste of what passion feels like.

2. Dominican Republic – Bachata

In this island-based dance you can enjoy some hip-popping moves in a close embrace with your partner. Bachata can be a beautiful, fun and sensual partner dance. Take advantage of some songs by Juan Luis Guerra, the ultimate romantic of the genre, to feel a sincere connection with your significant other. Alternatively, all you love-scorned men out there might be better off spending your days identifying with the typically bitter messages of los bachateros about heartbreak and failed romances. Either way, it is advisable to steer towards ignoring any overtly machista lyrics in order to enjoy what the dance has to offer.

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3. Brasil – Zouk

Zouk is beautiful, sensual and flowing, with its origins in Lambada – a dance known as “the Forbidden Dance”.  There’s a chance you’ve never heard of zouk, but if you’ve had the opportunity to witness any bit of this hyper-connected partner dance you know that the smooth shared movements require a real understanding of human connection. If you find yourself in Brazil on Valentine’s Day, taking a zouk class can be a unique and appropriate venture to take on solo or with a trusted partner. There is definitely an element of flexibility required to the body waves and hair flicks, but with patience, practice and a bit of luck you might find strong dance chemistry worth exploring outside of the zouk room.

4. Medellín – Reggaeton

Now if we’re in search of a more carnal type of love connection, or just looking to get down and dirty, Medellin might be your place. Reggaeton can be an ultra-sexy dance, but most will probably say it’s ultra-sexual more than anything else, with the dance style primarily consisting of back-to-front grinding. At least this coincides with the often explicitly sexual, at times offensive lyrics heard within the genre. Sexiness aside, this dance can be fun and addicting as the reggaeton beat is proven to accelerate your heart rate enticing your body to move. It’s not to say that you can’t find real love in Medellin! But a night out clubbing in the world capital of reggaeton will more likely lead to a night in a motel than a bouquet of roses.

5. Havana – Salsa

This beautiful pre-colonial town, filled with warm people, antique cars and salsa bars, is one perfect place to dance on Valentine’s Day. As Cuban culture seeps into the dance there’s no wonder why the moves are fun, lively and often sweaty. Here you can delve into the dance and culture with your loved-one or enjoy the Rueda de Casino style in which partners rotate through a circle, leaving the restriction of only having one partner out of the picture. Dancing salsa means fast and up-beat tempos, lots of spins and often creative tricks. If you find yourself in Havana on V-Day, prepare for some provocative dance nights, dipped in the nostalgic feel of the city.

Anything from relaxed to complex moves, formal to informal, any of these 5 Latin American destinations are sure to bring some romantic rhythms into your Valentine’s Day.

Spending this special day in any one of these places might even lead you to fall for a dancer in the night, or at least get some Latin rhythm in your veins and satisfy your dancing feet.

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