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If you really want to get off-the-grid for your next vacation, why not stay in a treehouse in one of the stunning forests or woodlands in the U.S.? We’ve selected five awesome treehouses in the US you can rent, from a cabin built in a 250-year-old Cedar tree, through to a treehouse with a 360-degree viewing platform above the forest.

1. TreeHouse Point, Seattle

TreeHouse Point is located just outside of Seattle. It offers six separate cabins that have been built in the trees. The cabins are rustic, each with individual quirky designs and they include a bedroom, heating, and electricity. There’s a shared bathroom for guests. It’s an incredibly popular choice, so be sure to try to book your dates well in advance (in some cases a year in advance). Book the TreeHouse Point.

treehouse in the Seattle

2. Primland Treehouse, Virginia

Primland Treehouse sits above the forest canopy in the Kibler Valley in Virginia. Each individual treehouse has its own private deck area and a studio-like design, with a big room that has a bed and a lounge area. Each cabin has a private bathroom, which comes complete with a relaxing tub. It’s a stunning location for a relaxing holiday. Book the Primland Treehouse.

treehouse in Virginia

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3. Intown Treehouse, Georgia

The Intown Treehouse in Georgia was voted Airbnb’s ‘most wish-listed item’ in 2016. The treehouse features an incredible design, with three separate rooms that are connected by wooden bridges that stretch between the trees. It comes complete with atmospheric fairy lights and a hammock area where you can unwind. While the property is located just a few minutes from downtown Atlanta, it feels incredibly remote. The treehouse has been made from recycled materials and features a rustic design. Book the InTown Treehouse.

treehouse in Georgia

4. Cedar Creek Treehouse, Washington

The Cedar Creek Treehouse sits on top of a 250-year old western redcedar tree. Its designers incorporated the tree’s natural features, such as the branches and trunk, into the rooms. It’s located near Washington’s Mount Rainier and offers unparalleled views of the surrounding forest. There’s a 360-degree viewing platform above the trees so you can gaze in awe at mother nature. Book the Cedar Creek Treehouse, or explore more places to stay in Washington.

By Cedar Creek Treehouse

5. Edisto River Treehouse, South Carolina

The Edisto River Treehouse in South Carolina is hidden in the woods in a completely private setting. The treehouses have been built on trees by a river and can only be accessed by canoe. The houses are built from locally sourced natural materials and make a cozy getaway. The treehouses come in different sizes, with some sleeping up to eight people. They don’t have any electricity, making it the perfect, off-the-grid experience. Don’t forget to leave your phone at home! Book the Edisto River Treehouse or check out more places to stay in South Carolina.

By Edisto River Treehouse
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