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When choosing where to stay on your vacation, there are so many options it can be hard to decide. Here at AllTheRooms we have every type of accommodation you could possibly dream of, and here’s how you can pick the best places to stay:

By Soloviova Liudmyla

Location, Location, Location

When choosing where to stay for your vacation, location is everything. If you’re looking to get off the grid and have a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday, you’ll be wanting to find a place outside of a city, such as a quaint beach town, or a destination where you can embrace mother nature and hike, swim in rivers, cycle, and ski to your heart’s content.

Meanwhile, if you’re planning a big city break, you’ll need to take into consideration the prices of the city. For example, many travelers in New York decide to find accommodation outside of Manhattan and stay in other boroughs instead, where you can find lower prices. You’ll also need to think about your proximity to public transport. If you’re opting to stay further out, make sure your accommodation is close to a metro, bus or train service that can take you to the top sights with ease.

By Adisa

If you’re staying in a smaller city, it can be a wonderful experience to stay in the heart of your chosen destination, such as the city’s historic quarter. While prices will always be higher in the city center or historic district, in a smaller city the price difference won’t be so noticeable.

Home Rentals

While hotels and hostels can look great, they may lack something special that makes a place feel like home. Having your own home rental gives you total privacy. You and your family or friends can spread-out in the home rental, come and go as you please, cook when you want, skip speaking to hotel staff, and stay up drinking until the early hours. Home rentals are also a great way to save money if there’s a big group of you on vacation, as they are much more cost-effective than paying for several hotel rooms.

By Mark Winfrey

Additionally, home rentals are great when staying near a beach or in the countryside. You can bring your car, or hire a car, and take bikes to the beach or to the woods, and kick back in the living room after a long day of exploring. They also make a fantastic place to stay during a city break and can really enhance your experience. For example, why not rent a beautiful, historic Parisian apartment in Paris? Or you could stay in an ornate, Renaissance-themed apartment in Florence and really get a taste of the history of the city.


Hotels are great options when you’re looking for an easy trip. Hotels provide towels, toiletries and have air-conditioning, room service and much more. If you’re looking to keep up your gym routine, many hotels have pools and fitness centers where you can burn off all the delicious food you’ve been eating during your trip.

By Andrey_Popov

If you’re heading to some of the top cities in the world, hotels can be a convenient option. Only have a few days in New York, London or Paris? A hotel check-in process is more simple than a home rental check-in process. You can arrive, dump your bags in your room and immediately begin discovering the city. Hotel concierge services can help you plan your trip, arrange taxis and provide maps of the city. Why not explore some of the world’s best city hotels and start planning?


Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the best places to stay as a backpacker, you’ll be spoiled for choice with cheap hostel options. Hostels are often the best type of accommodation for groups of friends, young couples and solo travelers. They are a budget-friendly accommodation choice and a fun way of meeting like-minded people and making new friends. Some hostels are so awesome, they can be hard to leave. Check out the 30 best hostels in the world for some inspiration.

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