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Madagascar has more kilometers of seafront than any other African nation. With tons of jaw-dropping beaches and amazing wildlife, it really makes an unbeatable holiday destination. The clear waters of the Indian Ocean mean that you can find some of the best beaches on the African continent. Here are our picks of the best beaches in Madagascar.

1. Sainte-Marie

Sainte-Marie beach in madagascar

The tiny island of Sainte-Marie lies just off the northeastern coast of Madagascar. The beaches on the island are like stepping into complete paradise, with turquoise waters, white sand and mysterious coves. It’s best known as a beach where piracy thrived in past centuries, with a nearby beach called Baie des Forbans (Pirates’ Bay). Here you can find the island’s famous ‘Pirate Cemetery’, where you can see tombs that are adorned with the classic skull-and-bones symbol – yes really! Kick back with some rum, and imagine a life of piracy in the Indian Ocean.

2. Manafiafy

best beaches in madagascar

Manafiafy is a beach that is relatively off the beaten track. It’s situated on the south coast of the island and lies on a stunning, tree-lined bay that not many tourists visit. On the beach you can do a spot of whale watching, snorkeling and watersports such as kayaking. Soak up the privacy and relaxed atmosphere.

3. Mitsio Islands

Mitsio Islands Madagascar

The Mitsio Islands are known as “the Maldives of Madagascar” thanks to their white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and exotic wildlife.  The beaches are truly stunning and there are a few nearby hotels.

4. Nosy Be

Nosy Be Madagascar

Nosy Be is the most popular beach destination in Madagascar. It’s a large island, which lies off the coast of Madagascar. It has tons of stunning beaches and is known as one of the few places on earth that you can spot a rare Omura whale during peak whale watching season, which lasts from June to September. Due to its popularity, it’s one of the most expensive beach destinations in Madagascar. If you want to mix things up, you can head inland on the island, to explore the cocoa and vanilla plantations and  the waterfalls.

5. Nosy Iranja

Nosy Iranja beach

Nosy Iranja is made up of two small islands that are connected by a mile-long stretch of sand. It’s known by locals as the island of turtles as it’s home to different turtle species that come to lay their eggs throughout the year. The stunning stretch of sand connecting the islands is only visible during low tide, so you need to time your trip correctly so you can walk between the islands.  There’s a lighthouse on the island that was designed by a firm that belonged to Gustave Eiffel (one of the architects being Paris’ Eiffel tower) and if you climb to the top you can get great views of the stunning island.

6. Anakao

Anakao beach in madagascar

Anakao is a fishing village that is lined with colorful boats slowly bobbing in the turquoise sea. It’s got stunning white sandy beach and crystal clear waters that are perfect for snorkeling. It’s relatively off the beaten track as well.

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The 6 Best Beaches in Madagascar
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    Masoala Is the most beautufull beach in Madagscar
    The last paradise beach Tampolo meat the primery rainforest

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