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Everyone, at one point or another, has toyed with the idea of jumping off a cliff with nothing more than a cable around one’s ankles. Depending on the amount of daredevil in you, you’ll most likely fall somewhere along the spectrum between “would rather die than bungee jump” and “is there a two-for-one special?”. AllTheRooms is here to tell you yes, you most certainly should go bungee jumping. Words fail to describe the mid-flight weightlessness and post-flight highs, so you’re better off just experiencing it yourself. With the United States home to tons of beautiful bridges, rugged canyons, and gushing rivers, you may not have to travel far to get your kicks. Here’s our list of the best spots for bungee jumping in the US: land of the free…fallin’ (sorry).

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High Steel Bridge, Washington

Nestled in the dense rainforests of the Pacific Northwest, the High Steel Bridge is a strong candidate for the most beautiful bungee jump spot in the United States. When it comes to extreme sports, and bungee jumping in particular, this spot in Washington isn’t the highest or the most dangerous, but to be surrounded by lush evergreens and a meandering ice-blue river below makes for an unforgettable experience. (Adipex) Just be aware that the operator only organizes trips for groups of 12 or more, so you may have some convincing to do.

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Stratosphere SkyJump, Nevada

If you’re more of an urban soul, the Stratosphere SkyJump in Las Vegas allows you to jump from a building’s 108th floor in the heart of Sin City. This is actually a great option for first-timers who are hesitant about jumping off a cliff. At Stratosphere, you’re suspended by a cable the entire descent that eases you down and minimizes the jerking from traditional bungee jumps. You’re slowly eased to the ground and politely asked to exit through the gift shop. It may not be the most authentic bungee jump experience, but if you’re in Las Vegas knocking out bucket list items, the SkyJump is something to consider.

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Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, Colorado

The Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge in southern Colorado is far and away the most expert jump on this list. In fact, it’s closed all year except for the Go Fast Games event. For the three-day festival, avid thrill-seekers from around the world flock to Colorado to jump roughly 1,000 feet. That equates to about 15 seconds of free falling. If you’re not daring enough, visiting the event as a spectator is just as fun. Hang out on the bridge or on the river below and watch people walk the plank.

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Navajo Bridge, Marble Canyon, Arizona

Located near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, the Navajo Bridge offers a jump site between massive red sandstone cliffs that lead down to the Colorado River. At 470 feet, it’s not exactly for beginners. One of the best parts about Marble Canyon is that the most of the tour operators include a post-jump river dip in your package, which makes for an excellent way to cool down and gawk upwards at the bridge you just willingly jumped from. Unlike some other sites that only have one operator, there are a few here, so feel free to shop around.

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Rio Grande Bridge, New Mexico

One of the highest bungee jumps in the United States is the Rio Grande Bridge in New Mexico. The “Gorge Bridge,” as locals call it, stands a whopping 680 feet above the river and offers daring jumpers probably more freefall time than they are really comfortable with — enough time to have a full-fledged conversation with yourself about why you decided to make this decision. Bungee Expeditions has over 25 years of experience in the industry (don’t let the 1990s-era website fool you) with an impeccable track record, so you’ll be in good hands. Just keep in mind that there’s a price to pay for heading to the biggest household name in bungee jumping — be ready to shell out over $300.

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Redwood Trees, California

In one of the more unique takes on bungee jumping, Bungee Adventures operates from the dense forests of Humboldt, California. Instead of jumping off a suspended bridge, you jump 200 feet between two giant redwood trees. In order to get to the top, instead of just walking up some stairs, you’ll need to learn how to climb up fixed ropes attached to the trees. Many people say the experience upwards in the redwoods is as rewarding as the fall on the way down.

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