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In the heart of Southeast Asia and occupying parts of the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo lies Malaysia. Home of incredible beaches and rain-forests, Malaysia is the perfect stop to experience the glamping experience to the maximum. Here’s a compilation of the 8 Best Glamping Spots in Malaysia so you can explore this country’s wild side in comfort.

Secluded Glamping in The Jungle – Kuala Lumpur

About an hour’s drive separates the Sekeping Serendah sheds from Malaysia´s capital city of Kuala Lumpur. However, as you get there, you´ll find yourself deep in the jungle and surrounded by lush nature. Adding to the experience of escaping from reality, here you have no access to Wi-Fi or mobile service, so get ready for a completely disconnected experience. The sheds are made of glass, timber, and minimal steel and are equipped with comfortable and stylish spaces to cater to all you might, including a refrigerator and a BBQ grill. Activities in the area include swimming, hiking, exploring local villages, waterfalls, and plunge pools.

Glamping Spots in Malaysia

Bamboo Enchanted Forest Glamping – Kuala Lumpur

Here’s the plan: Arrive at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and drive for 45 minutes to enter Tandom Hill Resorts and Tandom Bamboo Camp. Once there, stop all your worries and relax in over 40 acres of enchanted limestone hills, beautiful lakes, and trees. Stay at one of the dorms, the Hammock Spheres, Garden Tents, or premium chalets. Along with the comfort, you’ll have activities like jumping from a bamboo platform into the lake, lounging on floating chairs, swinging from a Tarzan-style swing, or just chilling by your tent on the deck.

8 Best Glamping Spots in Malaysia

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Virgin Jungle and Beach Luxury Paradise – Tioman Island

In an untouched spot of Tioman Island, on top of the trees, you´ll find a set of incredibly beautiful tree-top chalets. Made to harmonize with nature while providing one of the most luxurious glamping experiences in the region, the chalets are perfect for the comfort-seeking explorer. There are plenty of activities to enjoy during the day like scuba diving, snorkeling, boat excursions, marine park tours, and even a guided jungle trek to various points on the island. Take in all the area’s natural landscape while still having access to the comforts of modern life like Wi-Fi, DVD players, espresso machines and a comfortable bed. Finally, don’t forget to make your way to the pristine beach nearby to top off an amazing experience.

Best Glamping Spots in Malaysia

The Sticks Glamping in The Jungle – Selangor

For an incredible experience among the jungle trees and creatures, visit The Sticks. In a fully equipped Tendok (half tent, half pondok) you´ll feel the jungle in a whole different way. The beauty of the surrounding rivers of Kuala Kubu Baru in Selangor is a perfect set up for exploring.

Glamping Spots in Malaysia

Time Capsule Glamping Retreat – Pahang

Close to the former mining town of Sungai Lembing (which you should also visit while here) an array of capsules adorn the Pahang landscape. Large enough to fit two adults, these capsules are perfect for a glamping experience that will truly connect you with nature. In this peaceful and serene getaway, you also have access to cottages and BBQ dinners you can eat under the stars. For additional great experiences, don’t forget to watch the sunrise from the Panorama Hill, visit the picturesque Rainbow Waterfall, and cross a hanging bridge to visit the town.

Glamping in Malaysia

Wonderful Nature Glamping Retreat – Joho Bahru

One of the best parts of the Canopy Tribes campsite is the variety of activities and places to visit nearby. These include going to the Kota Tinggi waterfall where you can swim, taking a cruise to the riverbank to catch a glimpse of fireflies, going fishing and grilling your catch at the BBQ pit, visiting the Panti Bird Sanctuary, and hiking up Gunung Panti. Afterward, relax in your equipped bell tent in comfort and completely disconnected from the hustle of the city of Joho Bahru.

8 Best Glamping Spots in Malaysia

Turtle Paradise Tent Glamping – Sabah

When you visit the Walai Penyu Resort in Sabah, you’ll not only get to stay at one of their comfortable and spacious tents, where you have a bathroom and all the commodities of modern life, but you’ll also get the chance to visit the sea turtle sanctuary and learn about turtle conservation first-hand from local guides. There’s also a chance you might catch a glimpse of the turtles laying eggs by the shore.

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Glamping Malaysia

Unique Glamping in a Tube – Sungai Chenang

This one-of-a-kind concept facility feature day beds, lavish lounges, and an extensive breakfast spread, plus you get to sleep in a comfortable and ample concrete barrel tube. The minimalistic approach to accommodations is enhanced by the colorful design of the tube and the full range of services you get access to while you stay. Apart from the beautiful sea views and natural surroundings, Tubotel also has a funky social scene, giant day-bed sun-loungers, cafe, bar, Lepak Lounge, and a diversity of entertainment options that will keep you immersed in a great adventure. Finally, the gorgeous golden-sand beach of Cenang is just five minutes away.

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Glamping Malaysia

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