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From rainforest to white sand beaches, Malaysia has tons of paradise-like islands and coastline that you can explore. To make your trip all the more authentic, why not avoid hotels and opt for a more rustic experience in a wooden chalet. From chalets on stilts in the middle of the ocean, through to huts in the middle of a rainforest canopy, we’ve selected the five best chalets in Malaysia:

chalets in malaysia
Photo by Bamboo Hill Tioman

1. Sipadan Kapalai

If you want to sleep above the sea life, Sipadan Kapalai is the place for you. It’s a luxury village of 50 elegant chalets that are built on stilts above the water. The resort sits on shallow water over the sandbanks of the Ligitan reefs and only a few minutes by boat from Sipadan and Mabul islands. Each chalet has its own private balcony, so kick back on your deck and watch tropical sea life such as crocodile fish, flamboyant cuttlefish and blue ring octopus swimming past your chalet. Book a chalet at the Sipadan Kapalai resort.

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2. New Cocohut Chalet

The New Cocohut Chalet offers rustic huts. It’s located in Pulau Perhentian Besar, just a one-minute walk from the beach. Each chalet has its own individual balcony with views of the tropical garden or the sea. There are also great diving spots nearby. Book the New Cocohut Chalet.

best chalets in malaysia
Photo by Malaysia Resorts

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3. Bamboo Hill

Bamboo Hill features several chalets set in the dense jungle on Tioman Island. The island itself lies in the South China Sea, off the east coast of the Malaysian peninsula. Bamboo Hill is for people who want something a bit more comfortable than a beach hut, but not as standardized as a luxury resort. The chalets are set up on hills, and they have verandas with views of the ocean. They are built in traditional Malaysian varnished wood and have all of the basics. Bamboo Hill’s location facing the ocean means that there’s a strong sea breeze and the huts don’t need air conditioning. Book a chalet at the Bamboo Hill resort.

chalets in malaysia
Photo by Bamboo Hill Tioman

4. Berjaya Langkawi Resort

The Berjaya Langkawi Resort is nestled in the middle of a rainforest and the sea on Burau Bay in Kedah. The resort features chalets with a fresh, modern interiors and private balconies. It’s located just two minutes from the beach and the resort has an onsite restaurant with a delicious buffet spread of Malaysian and international dishes. It’s right next to a UNESCO World Geopark, which is known for its 500-year-old rainforest. Book the Berjaya Langkawi Resort.

chalets in malaysia
Photo by Berjaya Langkawi Resort

5. Perhentian Island Seaview Villa

Perhentian Island Seaview Villa is a chalet on stilts, which is located on a gentle slope that overlooks the sea. The villa has been made from local materials and includes a palm leaf roof and a comfy, bamboo bed. It’s situated on the quieter, west side of Perhentian Island, in an area of unspoiled nature. The chalet is just a short walk to two of the islands best beaches: Rainforest Beach and Mira Beach. Book the Perhentian Island Seaview Villa.

chalets in malaysia

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