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A Caribbean vacation has always been a dream of yours. Turquoise water, palm trees, white sand–all the stuff you only know to exist on computer screensavers. You’re about to make it all real, but you’re not sure which island to choose. So what are the best Caribbean islands?

1. Puerto Rico

The island lacks little. Historical sites, excellent food choices, and neighborhoods with vibrant nightlife options are plentiful. And of course, the beaches are excellent. From surfing beaches with solid swells to calmer seas ideal for snorkeling, Puerto Rican beaches fit the bill. Not to mention, Puerto Rico’s status as a U.S. territory means there’s no passport requirement and you don’t have to exchange your dollars.

best caribbean islands
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2. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic might offer the most diverse range of activities of all the Caribbean islands. From mountains to deserts to beaches, you won’t get hit by the beach boredom that occasionally plagues Caribbean travelers. The country’s economy is the largest in the Caribbean and has shown rapid growth over the past few years.

3. Vieques

If you are truly looking to get away and you want a slower pace, Vieques is perfect. An island with a population under 10,000, you won’t find the super resorts or crowds that plague some of the other Caribbean islands. Relaxing on the beach by day and kayaking in the bioluminescent Mosquito Bay at night is not a bad combination.

4. St. Barts

Another option for the “escape the crowd” type, St. Barthelemy is one of the more upscale Caribbean islands, with excellent dining and shopping. Endless beach options give it an edge over other islands.

5. Trinidad and Tobago

Both islands offer plenty of activities–both by night and by day. Fill your days with rainforest hiking and scuba diving, and keep things going at night exploring the island’s nightlife. It’s also the wealthiest Caribbean country by measure of per capita GDP.

Now that you know a little more about a few of the best islands, search the largest selection of accommodations in the Caribbean.

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What are the Best Caribbean Islands?
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