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You’ve committed to crossing large public spaces sans-clothing, but the speed of two wheels is sounding much more appealing than hoofing it on your own two feet. Faster speeds, not as sweaty — sounds like the bike is the way to go. Turns out you’re not alone. There are plenty of these rides around the globe and yes, they’re quite the spectacle. So how does one find the best nudist bike rides around the world? Great question. We’re here to help.

By MikeDotta

Some are for social causes, some are just to get naked with like-minded people and spin the block on a bike. Whatever the motivation, naked rides in cities around the world are a way to celebrate the human body and change up the routine. Whether you body paint or show it all, a no-clothes ride will be an experience you won’t forget.

World Naked Bike Ride, Chicago  

The World Naked Bike Ride takes place in 74 cities around the world. From The Netherlands to New Zealand, people shed their clothing and speed through streets without a care in the world — except perhaps the excessive use of oil, which was originally the target of the ride. Many riders aren’t too hung up on the cause, as the event has grown in popularity and not all want to protest.

Chicago is the best place in the U.S. to take part. Hundreds of nude riders hit the downtown streets to cruise, celebrate cycling and demonstrate the vulnerability of their bodies.

By TimedOut

World Naked Bike Ride, London

London gets an excellent turnout when the World Naked Bike Ride comes to town. You’ll cruise by famous London sites like Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, and Hyde Park. You can join the ride at any one of the seven starting lines: Tower Hill, Regents Park, Kings Cross, West Norwood, Hyde Park, Clapham Junction, and Kew Bridge.

By Melinda Nagy

World Naked Bike Ride, Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the perfect destination for a naked ride. The spirit of the city certainly encourages you to go out on a limb and try something new, while the beauty of the city makes for an excellent ride. What more could you as for?

By Spinlister

University of Vermont Naked Bike Ride, Burlington

This one is really for the school’s students, but it’s dedication to the naked bike ride tradition earns it a place on our list. At semester’s end, students shed their warm winter clothes and grab a bike to cruise their way through the cold Vermont night as hundreds cheer them on. It’s quite the spectacle.

By Emily MacManamy

World Naked Bike Ride, Los Angeles

While Vermont may be way too cold for naked biking, LA, on the other hand, is just about perfect. You’ll make your way through Echo Park and into downtown with a police escort. The temperature will most likely be in the high 70’s. Also, as is tradition in LA, you’ll almost certainly be joined by plenty of naked skaters and rollerbladers.

By Naked Bike Ride

World Naked Bike Ride, Philadelphia

What better way to say goodbye to summer than a naked bike cruise on a warm September evening? The City of Brotherly Love’s World Naked Bike Ride is just that, and aside from cruising around and taking in the city’s many historical sites, you’ll see some of the best body painting of any of the World Naked Bike Rides.


World Naked Bike Ride, Portland

Oh, Portland doing something a little wacky and socially conscious? What a surprise! Naturally, Portland has one of the U.S.’s most spirited naked rides. Usually held at the beginning of summer, the ride is an excellent way to dive into the new season. You can expect up to 10,000 attendees so be ready to deal with crowds.


So whether you’re against car culture and oil addiction or you just want to get naked and ride, these naked bike rides welcome all. Even if you want to cover up with some body paint, no one will hold it against you. Just a grab a bike, leave the pants and get going!

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