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Do you have someone in your life that travels for business? Do you like that person enough to get them a gift for Christmas? Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for said person? For the business traveler, it all comes down to a matter of efficiency and ways to make his or her trip seamless and stress-free. Here are 5 gift ideas for a business traveler:

By Basil Samuel Lade

Specialty Watch

Keep them on time and in style with a handmade, custom watch from a small local business, or select a high-end option and have it engraved. Since it’s likely something he or she already owns, you can feel confident that it will be well received. Besides, a watch is an essential accessory for the business traveler and a customized touch will make it that much more special.

By Janfillem

Spa Package at Hotel

Business travel typically looks something like this: airport, hotel, meeting, dinner, hotel, airport. Although this type of travel rarely includes leisure time, it’s not to say that your special someone wouldn’t appreciate a little reprieve from his or her strict regimen. Considering that time is of the essence, why not give a gift that fits into a tight schedule and surprise him or her with an in-room massage or hotel spa package. It won’t rid them of the work obligations, but at least he or she will feel much more relaxed while taking them on.

By Alan Caishan

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Carry-on Luggage

If you ever want to waste time traveling, check your bags at the airport. If you want to make a business traveler’s life easier, buy them some carry-on luggage. The duration of a business trip is often very short, so a smaller bag for travel that can fit in the overhead compartment is ideal for this type of traveler. Don’t forget the custom luggage tags too!

By Oliur

Leather Wallet Phone Case

Talk about efficiency: how about having your ID, credit card, and business cards in the palm of your hand at every given moment! A leather wallet phone case is the perfect gift for a busy business traveler. The leather makes it sophisticated enough for a businessperson, and the convenient pocket in the back makes it handy enough for a frequent traveler.

By Code Mnml

Portable Phone Charger

There are few things more frustrating than limited battery life during a busy day. A full schedule plus a dying phone battery is a recipe for disaster in anyone’s life, but especially a business traveler. Save them the trouble of having to plead with restaurant employees for a charging cord and get them a portable device that they can use anywhere.

By Steve Johnson
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