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Are you one of those people who see the world as more than just a stage, but as a dance floor and a chance to party until the break of dawn? If this sounds like you, we’ve compiled a list of places around the world where the word “party” is taken to a whole new level of fun, entertainment, and even spiritual enlightenment, or maybe just an epic hangover! Either way, be immersed in a wild rush of dancing, music, food, drinks, and experiences to last a lifetime. Here are our favorite cities with the best nightlife.


Everyone knows that classic party cities like Rio De Janeiro, Ibiza, Cancun, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, New Orleans and the sort, continue to get crowded with people looking to party. However, there are other spots with a long history of incredible party-scenes worth visiting if you’re planning your next spring break escapade, a party trip with a group of friends, or just looking to explore as many party destinations around the world as possible. Whatever the case may be, here´s the ultimate AllTheRooms party travel destinations around the world.

By RnDmS

Tel Aviv

This mecca of religion, history, and culture happens to be one of the wildest party destinations in the world. The vibrant and exciting atmosphere felt in the “city that never sleeps” provides the perfect stage for a thriving nightlife. Add to this the extremely liberal attitude of the people and get some of the most amazing festivities all year-round. Tel Aviv is home to Asia´s largest Gay Pride, it was also the host city for Israel’s first sex festival in 2008. Tel Aviv’s clubbing district is always vibrating with excitement and fun. To add spice to the mix, Tel Aviv is a party city not only for the young ones but also for those who are still young at heart. One of the hottest spots in town is the Speakeasy – Rooftop on Rothschild, party with a fantastic view.

By Stephane Bidouze


Come to Bangkok to truly experience an exotic adventure that includes some of the most beautiful locations in the region and also some of the most excessive, loud, and extravagant parties you can imagine. This poetically chaotic city includes party scenes for all tastes, ranging from the ordinary dance maniacs to the more eccentric party animals. One of the most popular areas is located in Huai Khwang district, down Royal City Avenue, where neon lights, street food, and a bustling party-scene greet and lure you into adventures you´ll never forget. When people say that anything can happen in Bangkok, it’s because it usually does, so keep safe and enjoy. One of the most popular clubs in town is the Sing Sing Theatre in Sukhumvit. Walking into this club is like walking into a 1930´s Hollywood version of a Bangkok club.

By Adam Radosavljevic


Party connoisseurs agree that Western Europe is home to some of the best party cities in the world. However, Belgrade stands out as one incredibly wild and fun party town. Known for its 24-hour raves, Belgrade features parties in out-of-the-ordinary places like the basement of the University of Belgrade Faculty of Electrical Engineering (KST), the lower levels of Belgrade Fortress (Barutana), and a 1870s building (Jazz Bašta) that has witnessed more than its fair share of wild scenarios.

By kowit1982

Buenos Aires

The capital city of Argentina is known to be a center of culture, tradition, gastronomy, and a vibrant party capital in South America. Porteños, as people from Buenos Aires are known, are extremely outgoing and loud, making for a perfect atmosphere to party in one of the many neighborhoods around town, including Recoleta, Puerto Madero, and Palermo. During summertime, Buenos Aires gets pretty hot and parties usually last from the late night into the early hours of the next morning. With clubs and bars for all tastes and catering all sorts of guilty pleasures, Buenos Aires is sure to capture you with fascinatingly amazing clubs like JetFiesta PlopTerrazas del Este, and much more.

By Andrew F. Kazmierski

New York

New York City is the godparent of all party cities around the world. For over four decades, this city has written the trends and fashions that have shaped the world’s party scene. Home to all sort of festivities and event all year-round, New York truly has something for every taste. Today, this party culture has expanded outside of Manhattan into neighborhoods like Brooklyn and the Bronx. Some of the most famous spots include the surreal and fantastic House of Yes which is filled with flying dancers and chaotic dance-floors; or the Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog for a wildly amusing night experience.

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  1. Alexander Popkov

    Never knew that Tel Aviv is a party place. Cool to know.
    These are good cities, but I would make the list longer 🙂 Would put Madrid and Ibize
    And my personal best for parties is St. Petersburg in Russia 🙂

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