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It’s happening! You’ve hit a milestone in your life and you’re getting married (or you’re reading this because you’re an awesome friend that’s helping to plan a bachelor party). Wherever you go for a bachelor party, it will be filled with ridiculously fun memories as you wave goodbye to a chapter of your life, and say ‘hello’ to the next phase. For many people, the bachelor party is thought of more as a party for the friends, where they can use it as an excuse to go wild, play fun sports and have a final blowout. We’ve rounded up the best bachelor party destinations in the world.

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1. Cancun, Mexico

Epic nightclubs, unlimited supplies of tequila, spicy food that will make your eyes water, and of course, sombrero hats! What’s not to love about Cancun? While many think of it as a destination for Spring Break, it’s also one of the best bachelor destinations thanks to its proximity to the United States and it’s near year-round sunny weather. Cancun is packed with wild clubs with bottle service, delicious food and stunning beaches where you can sleep off the hangover the next day.


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2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of the most popular bachelor party destinations in the world, largely thanks to its famous Red Light District. Anyone planning a bachelor party will have at least considered taking the boys to Amsterdam. The Netherlands’ famous capital is known for its open-minded population, with world-class nightlife, “coffee shops” where smoking weed is acceptable, the Red Light District, and striptease dinners. During the day, there are tons of fun activities such as beer-bike tours of the city or a canal boat ride through Amsterdam’s waterways. If you’re looking for a spot of culture, pay a visit to the Museum of Prostitution to open your eyes to the history of one of the oldest trades.

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3. Cartagena, Colombia

Just a three-hour flight from Miami, Cartagena on Colombia’s Caribbean coast is an up-and-coming bachelor party destination. It’s a beautiful city, with fun and cheap nightlife and you can get down to Latino music and immerse yourself in a very different culture to your own. During the day, rent a boat and take the guys on a day trip around some of the nearby tropical islands. In the night, head to some of the city’s best parties in Cartagena’s Old Town or take a salsa class (don’t be shy) and practice your new moves at one of the city’s salsa haunts.


4. Tallinn, Estonia

Thought to be the ‘party capital of Europe’ thanks to its great exchange rate and wild club scene, Tallinn in Estonia is definitely a destination worth considering for your bachelor party. If you want a spot of culture, the fairy-tale-like streets of Tallinn are beautiful to walk around during the day and if you’re looking for fun or different activities, you can check out everything from machine gun shooting through to Medieval-themed strip shows.

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5. Miami, United States

Thinking of heading to Miami for your bachelor party? You won’t be disappointed. South Beach is where it’s at and you’ll find clubs to suit the whole group. Miami’s nightlife scene is one of the best in the world and you can relax on crystal clear beaches during the day to save your energy for the evening. It’s also home to raucous pool parties, strip clubs, brunch spots, and delicious places to load up on hearty American food. Check out other Things to Do in Miami if you’re looking for more than just partying.


6. Bangkok, Thailand

If you don’t mind a long flight, Bangkok is one of the most exciting destinations to wave goodbye to life as a single man. From eating fried scorpions and spiders, through to witnessing one of the more bizarre “ping-pong” shows, you’re guaranteed to be in stitches laughing with your friends in Thailand’s capital city. During the day you can unwind at a hotel pool, or explore the bustling city, and when night falls you can head into the bustling streets with flashing lights, and very friendly locals…

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7. Las Vegas, United States

Last, but not least, is Las Vegas. Seen the film ‘The Hangover’? We can’t guarantee that your bachelor party will be as wild as what happens in the movie, but you’re bound to have loads of fun in Sin City. Just, don’t put your house up for collateral while gambling — or there might not be a wedding. Do it right and stay on the Las Vegas Strip. From all day and night pool parties, through to strip clubs, casinos and adrenaline-inducing rides, Vegas has it all. If you want to treat the groom to extra special time, check out the Best Vegas Luxury Suites

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