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Everyone’s pictured it. The Las Vegas luxury suites overlooking the strip that makes you and your crew feel like royalty. For some it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For the highest of the high rollers, it’s the only option when a Vegas trip is on the calendar. These fantasy suites really do exist and we’re here to pick the best of the best.

The Sky Suites at Aria

Las Vegas luxury suites
Photo by Aria Sky Suites

The name is fitting. Two floors, five bathrooms, a fitness room and skyscraper panoramic views of the city below make the Sky Suites an easy choice for our list. The standalone staircase and full wall windows are things out of a movie.

Sky Villa at The Palms

Las Vegas luxury suites

It would be hard to beat looking down on the strip from a jacuzzi. Nine thousand square feet gives you plenty of space for an afterparty as well. We’ll let your imagination do the rest.

The Villas at The Mirage

Las Vegas luxury suites
Photo by Mirage

Essentially private mansions on the strip, the villas offer private backyard pool areas and pretty much every other luxury amenity one can think of. Palm trees shield you from any overly interested neighbors.

The Marcus Aurelius Villa at Caesar’s Palace

Palatial would be the word. Over 9,000 square feet, a private elevator and a Roman-style terrace (with a jacuzzi of course) will be sufficient we think.

The Mansion at MGM Grand

Las Vegas luxury suites

We don’t know much about the Mansion. Guests have to be invited to stay here. If you’re not a known name, they won’t let you in. It’s probably best to leave it at that.

So if the fantasy might become a reality sometime soon, you’ll know where to rest your head or throw a party unlike anything you’ve experienced. Your call.

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Top Five Las Vegas Luxury Suites
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