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So you’ve committed to a Grand Canyon trip. Backpacks, hiking boots, maps and beef jerky are bought and you feel trail-ready. But carrying and sleeping in a tent every night is not your ideal Grand Canyon experience. You want a solid roof over your head every night. No problem. Here are our picks for the best places to stay at the Grand Canyon.

El Tovar Hotel

Best places to stay at the Grand Canyon
Photo by El Tovar Hotel

Leading the pack is El Tovar hotel. Located along the South Rim of the canyon, the location can’t be beaten. Built at the turn of the twentieth century in conjunction with the Santa Fe railroad, the hotel is a trip back in time. While the hotel’s history is interesting, its best feature is the veranda with an incredible view of the canyon below. Room start at around $260 per night.

Bright Angel Lodge

Best places to stay at the Grand Canyon
Photo by Bright Angel Lodge

Designed by renowned southwestern architect Mary Jane Colter, Bright Angel Lodge is surrounded by cabins that create a camp-style feel. Check out the Bright Angel History Room and you’ll get a peek into what Grand Canyon life was like in the early twentieth century. A cheaper, more rustic alternative to El Tovar, the Bright Angel Lodge cabins start at around $140 per night.

The Grand Hotel

Best places to stay at the Grand Canyon
Photo by The Grand Hotel

As its name suggests, The Grand Hotel is the main luxury option for Grand Canyon stays. Just one mile from the South Rim entrance, the hotel puts its guests in a great position to explore the canyon and then get back to the hotel for dinner and some pool or gym time.

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