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As the highly coveted Rose Bowl draws near, the expected 100,000 fans who will be in attendance have already begun their preparation. If you’ll be attending the game and haven’t booked your accommodations, you’re already behind the curve. Not only will Pasadena be overrun with college football fans, like yourself, but thousands will come just to experience the surge of fanatical energy that overtakes Pasadena on New Year’s Day each year.

Finding a place to stay for the Rose Bowl won’t be easy, but we’ve found some of the best accommodations close enough to the stadium so you won’t have to deal with surge rideshare pricing, and far enough so you can still experience everything else Pasadena has to offer. Check out these options for places to stay near the Rose Bowl stadium.

1. A southern California oasis

Looking for something more relaxing with gorgeous views of the city? Try this private guest suite within a multi-million dollar estate situated in the hills overlooking Los Angeles. The estate is just above the Rose Bowl stadium–far enough so you won’t be amidst the chaos, but close enough to get there easily. You’ll also be close to hiking trails and just a 45-minute drive from Universal Studios and Disneyland. The best part is that you’ll get to enjoy this secluded property for only $246/night.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

Best Places to Stay Near the Rose Bowl
Photo by Zen Garden

2. A 2-mile stroll to the stadium

If you want to stay within walking distance to the stadium, then this spacious, 2-bedrooms Airbnb is your best option. For just over $1,000/night, you’ll get a 1,000-square foot space that sleeps six with a full set of appliances, a backyard, and bikes available for use. Not to mention, you’ll be just two miles from the stadium. The hosts of this rental consistently receive high ratings for their hospitality and knowledge of the area. So, they’ll be able to make you feel right at home as you navigate NYE celebrations and Rose Bowl events around the city.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

Best Places to Stay Near the Rose Bowl
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3. Luxurious living

Fancy an impeccably renovated, high-end villa with all the luxury amenities? This Tuscan-style villa set in the coveted Linda Vista neighborhood features three bedrooms, a private patio, and a spacious courtyard. It’s the perfect place to bring your family or a group of friends to enjoy the best of southern California living and witness the Rose Bowl excitement. For $1,821/night, you’ll be close to the stadium and Old Town Pasadena.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

by Homeaway

4. The low-cost option

If you’ve spent your entire savings on Rose Bowl tickets and just want a bed to sleep in during your visit, then this cozy room in a self-described youthful household is your best bet. The private room features a double bed large enough for two, wireless internet, free parking, and the opportunity to hang out with your local hosts. At only $78/night, this option is the cheapest you’ll find in the area during the Rose Bowl. Plus, you’ll be within walking distance to the stadium, so you can save money on transport, too.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

Best Places to Stay Near the Rose Bowl
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5. Party with a pool

While the Rose Bowl is held in the middle of winter, southern California is known for its year-round warm temperatures. So, a home with a pool is a pretty great option, especially if you’re looking to celebrate with some friends. No matter who wins, you’ll still have a great time in this two-bedroom, Chalet-style home. And if it gets too cool, the jacuzzi is your backup option. Rent this entire home for $546/night and bike or take a short drive to the stadium.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

Best Places to Stay Near the Rose Bowl
Photo by Barbara
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