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Texas has it all. The southern US state has deserts, forests, a large river bordering Mexico, and plenty of large, lively cities. Not to mention, if you’re considering a vacation in Texas, there are tons of unique places you can choose to stay in. However, if you’re at a loss about where to start in your accommodation search, don’t despair. We’ve rounded up some hidden gem accommodations, as well as the best places to visit in Texas.

Nature Lover - by Texas Parks and Wildlife
By Texas Parks and Wildlife

The nature-lover’s choice

The Goodnight Cabin, located in Palo Duro Canyon, is special because of both its location and the building. Each cabin is constructed with rock from the canyon and perfectly blends in and molds around the surroundings. The cabins don’t impose on the wildlife and natural beauty of the area but do offer breathtaking views. As well as stunning sights over the park, guests can find their cabin equipped with heating, air-conditioning, a fireplace, refrigerator, a queen size bed, plus a bathroom and shower. This option is a six-hour drive from Dallas/ Fort Worth Airport, so if you’re arriving at Texas from here, we’d recommend you hiring a car and driving to the canyon yourself. Think of it as a mini road trip!

The Royalty Choice - by Barna Tanko
By Barna Tanko

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The royal choice

Ever wanted to stay a night in a fortress? You don’t have to dream anymore. The Quarters at Presidio La Bahia is a beautiful and historic accommodation nestled in Texas. The area is particularly popular during the day, as tourists interested in the history flock to the area. Later on, when visitors leave, guests have complete access to the grounds and can explore the 18th-century fortress as they please. It’s best to book months in advance, as Presidio La Bahia is highly south after — some forward planning is a good idea if you want to guarantee a spot. In terms of location, this accommodation option is 31. 7 miles from County-Foster Airport, so it would be best to fly into this airport as it is the closest option.

The Glamorous Choice - by Barna Tanko
By Barna Tanko

The glamorous choice

For those who enjoy the great outdoors with a few added luxury elements, glamping is the way to go. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned glamper, in the Abilene State Park in Tuscola, you’ll find a number of glamping options. We’re suggesting an accommodation option in the area of Abilene, so if you’re wanting to plan your journey, we’d suggest taking a look at flights to Abilene Regional Airport. In terms of where to stay, we recommend the small yurts equipped with pull-out sofas, double beds, and even outdoor grills and picnic tables. Here, visitors can unwind and take in the amazing landscape, all from the comfort of your home-from-home.

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