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Planning a trip with your significant other? A couples getaway is something everyone should do during their relationship, to take some time to enjoy each other’s company while exploring someplace new. If you’re looking for a trip that’ll bring the ultimate rest, relaxation, and romance, check out our list of the best vacation spots for couples.

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By Shutterstock-Ann Haritonenko

Paris, France

Of course, the City of Love has to be on your list. Paris tops any list of romantic getaways, and for obvious reasons. The city’s charm, great food and wine, fashion, culture, and history are all you need to make any trip perfect. Stay in Paris with your boo as you check out the classics, like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame Cathedral. Hike up to Montmartre for the most stunning views of the city below. The spot is perfect for a date night or a picnic, especially around sunset. Head to the Musee de la Vie Romantique for the best of Romance style art and sculpture inside an old mansion and garden. Take a stroll down Canal St-Martin, go for baguettes, wine, and cheese along the Seine, and enjoy the many castles and gardens that sit all across the city. You truly can’t go wrong with Paris.

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By Shutterstock-s4svisuals

Santorini, Greece

An island getaway that seems to transport you and your partner back in time. Santorini is perfect for a couples vacation, with winding cobblestone paths, views of the sea, and charming architecture around every corner. The turquoise Mediterranean waters and the town painted in all white, perched on the cliffs above, are the perfect backdrop for romance. Be sure to also head to Oia for the most breathtaking sunset you’ve ever seen — the area is affectionately nicknamed the ‘honeymooner’s spot of Greece’ for the romantic atmosphere that draws in so many newlyweds on their honeymoon (and long-term couples!). During the day, relax on beaches like Perissa, enjoy some sand and sun with your significant other, or check out the other gems on the island. If you’re looking for true rest and relaxation with bae, head to one of the island’s many spas or resorts to be pampered.

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By Shutterstock-Santorines

Kyoto, Japan

An ancient city in Asia? Yes, please. Kyoto is definitely the top couples getaway in Japan, and one of the best in the world. The small city in the south of the country is full of peace and quiet, rich history and culture, and of course, traditional food. Kyoto’s Bamboo Forest is the perfect backdrop for a long walk with your partner, while the cherry blossom-lined trails of the Philosopher’s Path are just teeming with romance. Head to the Jishu Shrine to test your match: the “Love Stones” are a set of stones that, according to legend, tell you if you and your partner are well suited if you can both walk across with your eyes closed. Kyoto is also home to many traditional types of inns, called Ryokans. A Ryokan inn is an incredibly authentic experience, with traditional food, private onsens or hot springs, and private gardens, making it perfect to share with your significant other. Christmas in Japan is the best time for a romantic vacation.

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By Shutterstock-thipjang

Rosario Islands, Colombia

Colombia’s pristine Caribbean coast is perfect for a getaway with your bae. The Rosario Islands sit right off the coast of the historic city of Cartagena, making it an easily accessible vacation destination. The set of 27 islands are protected as a national park in Colombia, with many of them being uninhabited, private, or serving as the homes to popular eco-hotels. The remote nature of the islands with eco-hotels, and the small size of many of these hotels, make it a great spot for a quiet, peaceful, romantic vacation with your partner. The hotels are often not crowded, letting you enjoy an almost-private island vacation. Plus, what’s better than spending your days on a golden sand beach with clear turquoise water and coral reefs out in front, and your favorite person by your side? Check out a complete guide to the islands for all you need to see and do.

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By sunsinger

Savannah, Georgia

Check out the charming southern city of Savannah, Georgia for a perfect couples weekend. “The Forest City”, as it’s nicknamed, is full of romance and magic around every shady street corner. The city’s streets are lined with Spanish moss trees and Oak trees, making it not only breezy but also easy to fall in love with. The historic district of the city is perfect for date nights, from the horse-drawn carriage rides to the sprawling Southern homes, to the over-20 public parks and squares in the city. Plus, with comfort food all around, and warm weather, the city is made for some cherished time with your special person.

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By Shutterstock-f11photo

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo isn’t just a spring break town in Mexico’s Baja California Sur — it’s a great beach vacation to take as a couple. Cabo San Lucas boasts incredibly romantic resorts, like the Resort at Pedregal, one of the top hotels for a honeymoon destination. The resort features stunning rooms, world-class dining, relaxing spas, massage treatments, and many luxuries for you to enjoy by your partner’s side. While in Cabo, enjoy some of the town’s glamorous experiences on offer — drift away in the Pacific Ocean on a first-class yacht, zip line through the Mexican wilderness, or simply spend an afternoon with the love of your life at Lover’s Beach, just a boat ride away from Cabo San Lucas.

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By emperorcosar
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    You know, me and my girlfriend really liked Indonesia. Perhaps because we took a small sailboat and studied the surroundings by own routes. It was a perfect vacation. Very beautiful places.

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