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Sometimes it’s just a case of the usual date night formula getting a little dry. Movies all play out the same, that new Thai spot is just like that last one — the only interesting part left is the conversation (hopefully). So what breaks the routine? What about a trip to the other side of the globe to snorkel miles of coral reefs, climb snow-capped peaks or hitch a ride across the desert on the back of a camel? Planning the perfect couples getaway can be more of a challenge than anticipated.

AllTheRooms is here to help you break the routine and take on adventures you just can’t find back home. The courage to commit to a big trip with your significant other is on you, but the planning and a few ideas to get the brain going — you could say that’s our specialty. With that said, here are some the of key components to planning and executing that fairytale romantic getaway you and your special someone never thought you could pull off.


It’s often overwhelming. Soon after the initial excitement of traveling to a new destination hits, a wave of problems tends to douse the flame. What will this cost? Can I afford to take this much time off from work? What if we end up not liking the place? What if I get sick? The negative questions can snowball and before you know it, that idea that sounded cool last night is starting to sound like a headache this morning.

So how do you not dump the ice water on your idea? They key is to committing early. You don’t have to have a destination or an itinerary or anything concrete aside from the fact that you’re going and you’re going to have fun. Picking a time helps too. Putting the idea in your mind that in these ten days in June, you’re heading off to a new, undiscovered land with the person who makes you happiest. That’s what this is all about after all right?

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When you arrive at the true planning stage, that is, after the two of you have already committed to going away, it’s best when you’re both equally involved. So what goes into the planning stage?

Destination Research

The first step is destination research. This is when you and your significant other talk to friends, search around on the internet and look at travel pages on Instagram to find the destination that appeals most. Maybe both of you agree, maybe you’re leaning in different directions. One may want white sandy beaches in Greece. The other may want rice paddies in Vietnam. Choosing becomes much easier when both sides present their research, figure out what matters most to both, and then make a compromise.


The second step is finding the right accommodations. Some couples want privacy, some want to mix and mingle with other travelers and maybe go on an adventure with a group. One of the keys is finding an accommodations option with the environment that works for the two of you. Define that and then get to searching. Using the search specifications on the search results page is the best way to narrow down your options and get exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe it’s an Airbnb with a view of a city or a small boutique hotel in the country with a pool and spa. Specification is your friend.


The third step is creating an activity list. Getting there isn’t enough. Putting plenty of thought into what you’re going to do on arrival is critical. Get the inside scoop on hidden gems, how to see the main attractions, and what should really be skipped.


The fourth step is reviewing logistics. Researching transportation options, high traffic areas, whether or not Uber is reliable etc, having your logistics down is critical.

The Romantic Part

Let’s not forget that this isn’t your average vacation. This is about you and your special someone looking to get out there and see a new world. Traveling solo is a different animal so let’s focus on what it traveling together is about.

Do not disturb

Some couples are all about mixing with the crowd and meeting other travelers, but few couples would say no to some time alone on their trip. Maybe that’s a remote mountain hike or spending a day on your own private island. Maybe it’s just having some downtime in that room you picked out with its breathtaking views of the city. Privacy goes a long way.

Think “new”

Remember when we talked about breaking the routine? Make sure you’re not going to a place you already know or that’s similar to somewhere else you frequent often. If you’re city people from New York, do a tour of US national parks or head out to the West Coast and rent a convertible for the drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. Some couples have a fear of breaking out of their comfort zone. Don’t be one of them.

Show another side

Sometimes going on a vacation with your significant other shows you another side of them. Sometimes that can get a little ugly like when your taxi breaks down and you’re stuck in the middle of a foreign city and you know just enough to know you’re lost. Maybe the stress builds and there’s some fighting. Sometimes the new side is a good one, like when they show you that they did actually get something out of that decision to minor in Spanish. Seeing each other work out problems and flash hidden skills is a way to get to know each other even better. You can trust these things wouldn’t show when you’re out to dinner at the same spot downtown. So commit to breaking the routine, plan as a team and embrace the adventure.

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  1. Excellent advice! I like your tip about committing, it’s often overlooked. And coordinating the destination research is really important too.

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