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Travel is always a beautiful experience that is often enhanced by having someone to share the memories. Of course, we’re all for solo travel but we also believe that it doesn’t hurt to have a special someone by your side for the adventure.

Not to mention, you’ll have a personal photographer for those awesome photo ops to share on your Instagram account. These 8 travel couples might just spark a desire to travel with your loved one.

1- @coupleofmen

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A gay couple from Amsterdam documenting their travels around the world—from Reyjavik to Tel Aviv, including some festival shenanigans along the way. Between the adorable poses and matching outfits, Karl and Daan just make us want to fall in love (someplace foreign, of course).

2- @gettingstamped

If you don’t want to be inundated with kissing photos and appreciate some reprieve in the form of breathtaking landscapes and scenic destinations, then this is the perfect account. Travel photographers, Hannah and Adam, share professional photos from 66 countries (and counting) around the world.

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3- @wheninroaming

Travis and Eliana are college sweethearts who decided to leave their comfortable lives in the U.S. behind to travel to Thailand. Together, they work on growing individually and as a couple in a place completely out of their comfort zone, all while finding creative ways to fund their wanderlust.

4- @hikersincrime

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This LA-based couple makes an adventure out of their own backyard. Their nature-filled account documents some of the best outdoor landscapes the west coast has to offer, along with some sprinkles of love that we can’t help but appreciate.

5- @whenbrazilmetgreece

She’s from Greece. He’s from Brazil. They fell in love and moved to Germany. Does a love story get any better than this? Oh yea, it does, they’ve been traveling around the world together ever since. This couple takes relationship goals to the next level.

6- @ourtravelpassport

This couple fell in love through good, old-fashioned penmanship. After writing letters back and forth from opposite ends of the world, they decided to shorten the distance between them by covering it together.

7- @lesbinomadic

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Steph and Tay are a mixed race, lesbian couple that quit their jobs to travel together on a budget. Together, they are showing us everything that is beautiful in this world, on several different fronts.

8- @workingwayfarers

Daisy and Nenad started off as weekend travelers before they decided to take off on a trip around-the-world. Their goal is to explore every destination they desire and to create a lifestyle by their own design. They are #travelinspo at its finest.

If these traveling couples haven’t struck a chord in your heart, nothing will. Perhaps now you’ll entertain the idea of travel with your loved one: an experience that is sure to be unforgettable.

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