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The best way to country hop around Europe is by Eurail (a train system that runs throughout Europe) and we’re here to explain why. With just one pass, travelers can reach 28 countries and over 1,000 stops. The combination of sightseeing, efficiency and economic value make Eurail the best way to travel around Europe.

Choosing your pass

Eurail offers three types of passes. The “global pass” is the all-access pass that allows you to travel through five or more countries for $345. The “select pass” allows travel through 2,3 or 4 countries for $147. The “one country pass” is what it sounds like and goes for $68.

By Alexandra Lande

Discounts for young travelers 

If you’re a young traveler (12-27), the deals are even sweeter. You qualify for a 20 percent discount on all passes.

See it all

On the ideal trip, travel is part of the fun. When you pick Eurail over a quick flight, you get to take in all the sights along the way. If city hopping by plane is a slideshow offering separate peeks at European cities, train travel is the full motion picture connecting it all together.

By Zephyr_p


If you’re looking for an off the beaten path adventure, Eurail opens up endless possibilities. If you pull into a small country town and feel a sudden urge to check it out, there’s nothing stopping you. Hop off, explore as much as you want, and then head back to the tracks for the next train. You don’t even have to buy a new ticket.

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