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Love traveling but don’t want to go it alone? Or maybe you arrived solo in Madrid and just want to chat with other travelers for recommendations and tips. We had you in mind when we researched and came up with these top 5 best websites to meet other travelers.

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Backpacker” by Taki Lau


Like the name suggests, this smartphone app is for backpackers all around the globe. The focus is to connect backpackers so they can do activities and excursions together, and also to create a community for travelers to share recommendations with one another.


While not specifically for travel, Skout is an app that focuses on meeting new people. The feature, Skout Travel, allows you to make connections anywhere in the world.

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Backpackers” by Garry Knight


The Ventoura app focuses on two pieces: (1) connecting travelers with other travelers, and (2) connecting travelers with locals. On the local side, it’s a marketplace where locals can sell tours and experiences for travelers coming through their city. This way, travelers can get an authentic, local tour and make a new friend!


Wandermates focuses solely on connecting solo travelers with one another through meet-ups. With two simple options, the website allows visitors to meet other solo travelers or to meet an activity partner.

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Travelers” by allenran 917


With close to one million travelers using the smartphone app, Travello allows you to search through possible travel buddies by gender, age, location, and traveler type. We like Travello because whether you want to lay on the beach or hike a volcano, you don’t have to go it alone.

By yourself or with a friend or two, here at AllTheRooms we’re all about personalized travel. That’s why we show every single room in every city on the planet, so you can find the perfect place to stay for your trip.

The Best Websites to Meet Other Travelers
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