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Ask older generations, ask social historians, and they will tell you Americans are retreating into their homes. Technology and other factors have taken away the classic neighbor-to-neighbor experience. So what if we told you there was a way to reverse this? That there is a method to get to know your neighbor really well…like really, really well. That’s right, we’re talking naturist communities. Also known as areas where people live free from the confines of clothing. Where neighbors don’t ignore each other but instead give polite waves, as other things wave in the breeze. For everyone who’s curious, we’ve arranged information on clothing-optional communities around the world, as well as few of the better-known locations.

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Nudist Communities v Nudist Resorts

The two can, at times, be a bit synonymous because many permanent nudist communities exist on the same grounds as nudist resorts. While nudist resorts welcome short-term vacationers, it’s normal to meet people living there in homes, condos, apartments, or RVs near to the hotel. Resorts really thrive on the community atmosphere as they have a consistent schedule of nude activities and poolside socializing. Those who live on the premises are also welcome to participate in these resort goings-on.

Many communities have homeowners’ associations, maybe even a neighborhood watch (although the implications and logistics of this one in a nudist community are intriguing, to say the least), so it’s not totally unlike a retirement community but just with an emphasis on #freethewrinkles.

Nudist communities, along with pretty much anything associated with living a naturist lifestyle, comes with a lot of stereotypes and assumptions, and some are truer than others. It is true that the demographics of these communities does skew heavily towards the older crowd, but it is not completely unusual to find folk from 20 years old and up attending also. Another stereotype is that these communities are full of swingers. At times resorts and communities will hold events for swingers but the large majority of couples in naturist communities are not.

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Notable Nudist Communities from Around the World

Desert Sun

This famed nudist resort in the arid deserts of California, near the popular vacation destination of Palm Springs, also offers villas, which are one or two bedroom condos. Both residents and guests at the resort are welcome to the use of onsite amenities like the pool, spa, bar/café, gym, and tennis courts.

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Caliente and The Woods

Caliente in Tampa, Florida is one of the largest naturist resorts in the world and offers living accommodations, in addition to hotel rooms, that include casitas and multiple condominium options. The grounds at Caliente has plenty to do, including a quarter acre-sized pool, volleyball, tennis, and pickleball courts, as well as a full service spa. However, Caliente is also a huge party spot for large, in-the-buff themed fiestas. The environment can at times be rowdy and perhaps to some naturists, a little overwhelming. For those who prefer something more low-key, there is a clothing-optional community just down the road called The Woods. The Woods is primarily a RV park. The community has its own pool area and a clubhouse that rests alongside a small pond.

Cap D’Agde

Known globally as the “Naked City”, Cap D’Agde, on the Mediterranean coast of France, may just be the premier place to live in your birthday suit. While most naturist communities have communal nude areas around the pool and other leisurely places, the naturist village at Cap D’Agde takes nudity to the next level. Rather than just stripping down around the house or pool deck, residents of Cap D’Agde can do normal every day activities naked, such as go to the post office, bank, and grocery store. With beach access and some 180 businesses within the village, it may not even be necessary to have a closet.

Vera Playa

Unlike many of their French counterparts, Spain’s Vera Playa offers year-round nudist-friendly weather. Located on the southeastern coast, the near desert climate makes for comfortable sans clothing living, even during the winter months. Vera Playa refers to themselves as the only resort on the mainland of Europe offering these incredible conditions for nudists. Their seaside land has a 4-star hotel resort along with over 2,000 private residences. Their naturist beach is about 8,202 feet long and with plenty of nude facilities around the resort, many guests can spend a full vacation here without ever interacting with the “textile” community.

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Paradise Lakes Resort

Another staple of the popular nudist community in the Tampa and Land O’ Lakes area of Florida, Paradise Lakes Resorts is a naturist community built on 72 acres of land. A stay in one of their cabanas within the gated community gives anyone access to onsite amenities like multiple pools, a spa, restaurants, nightclub, and a gym. Unlike some other resorts that require nudity at all times, Paradise Lakes Resort is a true clothing-optional location, meaning it could be a good place for a first-timer because guests can shed as much, or as little clothing, they like at any time.

Oasis Village

Not to be confused with The Oasis, another quality nudist community in Florida, Oasis Village is a naturist community in France, on the coast between Montpellier and Barcelona. Permanent residences can accommodate up to six people and most have garden terraces with views of the nearby lake and seashore. Oasis Village caters to entire families, not just adults, so you can take the anyone for a liberated getaway.

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