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In case you’re unaware, there is currently a massive subculture of nudist enthusiasts organizing themselves all over the world. The stereotype of the nudist as a leathery solo artist sprawled out on some desolate beach couldn’t be farther from the truth. Today, they’ve found strength in numbers. Nudist festivals have been gaining popularity amongst those keen on baring it all, and the themes — the creativity, the ingenuity — are truly astounding. It’s as if nudists have collectively begun to brainstorm ways in which normal, everyday activities could be made more interesting without clothes on. Think naked political protests, naked jazz and beer festivals, naked sports competitions, and naked art festivals. If you’ve ever felt that a day would be better spent in the buff, you are not alone; help is on the way. Scroll down to find your tribe and discover the best clothing-optional festivals all over the world.

By Angyalosi Beata

World Naked Bike Ride

From London to Chicago, Cardiff to Sao Paulo, avid naturists in over 70 cities around the world gather annually for this active nudist adventure. The premise is pretty simple: grab your bike, leave your clothes, and take a tour around one of the many beautiful host cities. It’s marketed as a stand against carbon emissions and as a way to raise awareness about the dangers faced by cyclists and pedestrians. Get your environmental and social activism on — naked.


Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games

Do you remember summer camp? Tug-of-war, water balloon fights, sack races, donut eating competitions — the good old days. Now, imagine a summer camp in southern Australia with hundreds of naked grown-up friends. The Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games has found a niche in adults who want to relive childhood memories butt-naked on the beaches Down Under. It’s held in January every year just south of Adelaide.



Offering outdoor rock and blues music, locally-brewed beers, poolside lawn chairs, good weather, and lots of naked folks, Nudestock is like the new age, toned-down version of Woodstock. Hosted by the Tiger Mountain Family Nudist Park in Issaquah, Washington in August of every year, this is a great option for people looking for a different kind of music festival. It’s a small-town vibe with really friendly people, just be prepared to act normal while making small talk without pants on.

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Running of the Nudes

Approximately 40,000 bulls are slaughtered each year in Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls festival. If that makes you feel at all uncomfortable, you should consider participating in the Running of the Nudes. Since 2002 nudist activists have been taking to the streets of Spain each year to protest bullfighting in all forms. It usually takes place the day before the bull run in July each year.

By Tripsavvy


Nudefest is the United Kingdom’s largest nudist festival held for an astounding seven days just a short ride from Bristol. Hosted by the British Naturism organization, (with the slogan “nothing’s better”) Nudefest is more of a lifestyle retreat than a festival. There’s craft sessions, yoga, drum workshops, 5 km runs, fishing contests, game nights and clay pigeon shootings. This is essentially a week-long playground for nudist enthusiasts.

By DrlLorraine

Not-so-nude Shoutout

Burning Man

Burning man isn’t a self-described nudist festival, but of all the mainstream music and arts festivals it probably condones the most bareness. Attendees work together to erect a temporary city through the principles of self-reliance, community cooperation, gifting, and self-expression, all without leaving a trace. With all the wild costumes and body paint, don’t be surprised if your nudity goes overlooked.

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