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Dreaming of white sands and turquoise waters? Allows us to give a tour of the countries with the best beaches in the world.

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Located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles archipelago is comprised of 115 small islands that all boast stunning beaches. The island nation may be best known as a luxury destination, but there are still plenty of beaches that are not overrun with tourism. Some of Seychelles best beaches, like Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette, are some of the most photographed places in the world for their computer background-esque appearance.

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Home to Palawan, The Philippines have some amazing island destinations. Palawan is basically the physical and spiritual opposite of the country’s dense and busy cities, like Manila. Instead, this area of the country is its least populated and is a maze of some 1,800 islands. While El Nido gets the majority of the social media popularity, Palawan has some less explored destinations as well, including Coron Island.

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One of the most quintessential beach getaways imaginable, the Greek Islands remain arguably the best place to go island hopping. From islands and beaches known for their parties to others that have remnants of ancient ruins, there will be a spot for everyone.

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While neighbors Vietnam and Thailand continuously make headlines for their beaches, beach parties, and picturesque coastline, Cambodia’s beaches are far less talked about. This creates a more serene atmosphere for those who pry themselves away from the country’s legendary temples.



Croatia’s surge in popularity has put it on par with any other European beach destination. Sure some of the beaches of cities like Dubrovnik and Trogir are rocky, but the waters are temperate and there are few countries where exploring by boat is easier or more fun.

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United States

There may not be any country in the world with a more diverse lineup of beaches. From the stereotypical California beaches of Los Angeles to the tropical shores of Key West and back up to the rugged Oregon Coast, the USA’s beaches are a mixed bag in the best way imaginable.

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Because of Colombia’s location, it has access to both the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. Travelers have options because they can visit popular cities like Cartagena, see breaching whales on the rainy, quiet Pacific coast, or head to an island in the Caribbean like San Andres.

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French Polynesia

Including islands like Tahiti and Mo’orea there really should be zero debate as to why French Polynesia is included here. While the South Pacific archipelago may still be under the French government, their beaches are unbeatable.

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The beaches around Rio’s famous harbor, including Copacabana and Ipanema, are famous for a reason and might be the best places in the world to people watch, have a cocktail, or play a game of beach soccer. Outside of Rio, there are numerous smaller coastal cities like Florianópolis with awesome beaches.

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Sydney’s Bondi Beach might be one of the most recognizable beaches in the world, but with 16,000 miles of coastline in Australia, there are plenty of less explored spots, including on the often unvisited West Coast or along the more tropical Top End.

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Always ready for a party, the best beaches in Barcelona and Ibiza are legendary for having a good time. But the rest of Spain is packed with other beaches that are more tranquil. Just depends on the preferences of travelers.

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