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Washington is more than the rainy state tucked away in the corner of the country, it’s also a remarkably beautiful state blanketed by the only rainforest in the United States. While Seattle potentially offers the most historic music scene in the country as well as a thriving pub scene, the rest of the state has a surplus of activities to offer, especially in the nature department. For those who embrace the Pacific Northwest’s lumberjack past, nature comes, well, naturally, but for everyone else, Washington has some world-class glamping options. To explain, glamping is for the adventurers willing to leave their pillow top mattress at home but by no means are they are about to lounge on a rock instead of an Adirondack chair or sacrifice easy access to a hot shower. For the best plush king-size beds in nature go ahead and check out our ten Washington favorites:

By Dan Lewis

The Rolling Huts

Usually, glamping is about comfort while observing the attractive scenery. The Rolling Huts have that scenery but the accommodation itself also is a feature worth admiring. The huts are arranged as a “herd” and all have a sleek, modern design with floor to ceiling windows opening up to the mountains of the Methow Valley. Surprisingly sparse and minimal inside, the architecturally-posh structures make up for their appearance with a strong ‘roughing it’ interior.

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By RollingHuts

Luxury Tree House in Seattle

When looking out the windows of this Seattle treehouse, visitors could be convinced they are sitting in a bird’s nest, but take one glance at the inside of the domicile and it’s suddenly obvious they are somewhere much more high-class. More of an actual home than a camping option, this place is best for offering a feeling of nature in the metropolitan Emerald City, with a drive to Seattle’s vibrant downtown taking only ten minutes. Complete with a queen-sized bed and private deck with a hot tub, the tree house is an excellent experience.

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Wenatchee Bell Tent

With a classic glamping look, this bell tent near to Wenatchee National Forest is a perfect option for couples. Incredibly private, the tent opens up to reveal sublime mountain views from the queen-size bed. The small, wild patch of land also includes a fire pit to toast marshmallows and an outdoor shower. It’s also far from being devoid of amenities as many normal comforts are provided including linens, board games, and a continental breakfast every morning.

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Columbia River Tree House

Located just over the Oregon border on the Columbia River, near Stevenson, this quaint tree house rests in a part of Washington not often explored. The area is exceptionally lush and the tree-dwelling is wedged between Gifford Pinchot National Forest to the north and Mt. Hood National Forest to the south; with a flavor of city-life well within reach as Portland is directly west. The house itself is perched 35 feet above the ground and boasts numerous windows all looking out on the Columbia River.

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Puget Sound Houseboat

This houseboat floats on a secluded portion of Puget Sound near Seattle. While the home offers spectacular views of the water, guests can rest their sea legs as the shore is just a short walk away and has access to picnic tables. Back aboard the one bedroom home, a full-size bed and a bunk bed make the place family-friendly.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

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Romantic Safari Tents

Is that a ficus tree inside the tent? No, its actually a small species of palm, but this tent is so chic it got decorated with living plants — even though it’s already in the woods. Located south of the capital of Olympia, these luxury tents really do look as though Anthropologie had a baby with REI. Candles, seclusion, and a fire ring should set the mood for a romantic getaway.

By GlampingHub

Train Caboose in Central Washington

Not all glamping spots are canvas cabins or tree houses; some are cabooses. Southeast of Seattle, off a road that winds through state and national parks, a traveler can find these renovated train cars exuding kitschy charm.

By GlampingHub

Orca Island Sail Boat 

Anchored somewhat off the grid in a remote bay of the San Juan Islands, this 74-foot vessel is for rent for those wishing to live like Ahab. While the cabin is plenty comfortable, nothing beats lounging on the deck taking in the serene beauty of the calm waters and bright sunsets. Don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of the behemoths that gave Orca Island its name.

By GlampingHub

Old School School Bus

The ’63 Highliner Bus is permanently parked outside Sequim, of the Olympic Peninsula, on an organic hops farm. Staying in a “Call of the Wild”-esque bus in an obscure part of Washington where they grow the stuff that makes beer is sure to get anyone some major hipster cred. The outfitted bus has the full hookup with coffee maker, hot water, and some psychedelic couch cushions.

By HipCamp

The Analog Room in Cascadia

Flirting with the Canadian border, this recently constructed little home resides out in nature amongst an expansive meadow that extends itself to neighboring wooded hills. The interior is equal parts bizarre and awesome as the tables and walls are packed with fun trinkets. Perhaps the best feature is a record player and hundreds, if not thousands, of vinyl options as this cozy spot guarantees to have the appropriate soundtrack for any glamping experience.

By HipCamp
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