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Naturists embrace a lifestyle of freedom, fun, and relaxation, while fishing is a favorite pastime of many people. So, why not combine the two? Sure this presents potentially hazardous encounters with hooks in places no-one, fish or human, should be hooked, but when done safely it presents an ideal day on the water with nothing but your rod in your hands. Here are the best spots for naked fishing, along with some tips about how to safely do the sport.

By Victor Polyakov

Naturist Resorts

Although this is an obvious choice for somewhere to find an abundance of The Best Nudist Sports, fishing is not always the first activity associated with birthday suit connoisseurs. Many resorts revolve around leisurely or country club-type activities like sipping drinks at the pool or playing a round of golf. While this is true for many, it is not the rule. There are a number of nudist resorts that are much more engrained in an outdoors setting. Clothing-optional Communities and resorts near lakes and beaches with fishing close by include Sandy Bottoms in Canada, La Jenny in France, and Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Florida.

National Parks

Unknown to many, nudity is actually legal in National Parks. While certain parts of parks that are heavily trafficked by tourists can result in complaints, less explored or backcountry areas of National Parks can be perfect for shedding clothes and casting out a line. A lengthy trek to an alpine lake followed by a day of peaceful fishing, with a little extra Vitamin D, sounds like a perfect escape. However, be warned, while National Parks have an open policy towards nudity, laws for State Parks and BLM are different. So before fishing in the buff in these places do some research as they are subject to local laws — learn more about being naked in public with the Clothing-Optional Lowdown).

By Jeff Feverston

Deep Sea

Boats are 100% the comrades of wannabe naturist fishermen. While on a boat, either out to sea or in a big lake, nudists are free from restrictions or the judgmental eyes of those not used to the lifestyle. Deep-sea fishing specifically is essentially a guarantee not to be disturbed. Taking a boat into open ocean is not something an amateur can do, especially alone, so this nude fishing tactic will likely require a buddy.

By Neophuket

Things to Bring Besides Fishing Gear

Sunscreen: Exposing some skin that is not the best acquainted with the sun, coupled with some strong reflections off the water, could mean some painful burns.

Crisp Beverages: Just because it’s naked fishing doesn’t mean the normal fishing traditions should not be respected. A cold pack of cheap beers should do.

First Aid Kit: (see hooks above).

Fanny Pack: Yep, it is essential. If the commitment is to be fully nude all day, that means the luxury and convenience of the many pockets on fishing vests is going to be unavailable. With that being said, a fanny pack is an easy alternative that won’t take away from the naturist experience.

Towel or Seat Pad: You can’t stand all day and bare buns on mud or scorching boat benches is not a good combo.

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