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So you’re traveling for business and looking for some top hacks to make your trip smoother. From accessing airport lounges to having a permanent travel washbag that’s always packed and ready to go, here are the 6 best hacks for business travelers

1. Access Airport Lounges

Airport lounges are an excellent business travel hack. Many airport lounges can be accessed through different credit card companies and loyalty programs. At airport lounges, you get access to a swish lounge with hi-speed WiFi, coffee, drinks, and snacks — which is a great option if you need to catch up on emails before your flight. You can also buy an airport lounge day pass or invest in an airport lounge membership if you’re using one particular airport frequently.

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2. Use Apps

Whether it’s apps to get you around the city, apps for checking in to flights, or apps to help you find the best restaurant in town, they can all make your trip run much smoother.

Most airlines have apps where you can check in and download the boarding pass to your phone — meaning you don’t need to find a printer to print your boarding pass. You can also stay up-to-date on your flight time and be aware of any delays.

When traveling, always download a transport app, whether its for public transport or taxi apps such as Uber. We also recommend downloading TripAdvisor so you can suss out the best restaurants and cafes in town.

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3. Get Upgrades

When checking in to a hotel, don’t be shy to ask for an upgrade. They say in life ‘if you don’t ask — you don’t get’ and that is very true with hotel upgrades. It will make your business trip feel that bit nicer if you’re in an extra special room.

We recommend wearing a suit — if you’re dressed smartly you’re more likely to get an upgrade at your hotel or on your flight.

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4. Bring a Tennis Ball

If you’re a frequent traveler, the process of traveling can really take its toll on your body. A great hack is to bring a tennis ball with you and roll it under your thighs or feet to help relieve cramps or muscle stress. While on a plane you should also do regular leg exercises to keep blood flowing and prevent cramps.

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5. Grab-and-Go Bag

A grab-and-go bag is a great idea if you’re a frequent business traveler. This will save you the hassle of having to pack and repack every time you go out of town for business. Make-up a travel washbag that has the essentials (in travel-sized bottles). This will save you a huge amount of time every time you travel.

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6. Get Global Entry

Global entry is a great way of saving time when traveling for business. Global Entry is a program run by U.S. Customs and Border Protection service that allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers to receive expedited clearance upon arrival into the United States, therefore making the travel process much, much smoother. To get global entry, you’ll have to apply.


Here’s how to be a savvy business traveler on your trip.


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