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A series of violent sexual crimes against women (both travelers and natives) have made headlines across the world and have raised doubts about whether it’s good idea to visit India as a female traveler, especially if traveling alone. All of this sparks the question: is India safe for a solo female traveler?

The general consensus is that while acts of violence against travelers are rare, verbal harassment and groping are reportedly commonplace. Traveling through a crowd, especially alone, is generally regarded as fairly risky and if you physically stand out, you can expect your risk to increase.

Is India Safe for a solo female traveler
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Does this mean female travelers should steer clear of India? No. This means that female travelers headed to India should be aware of the risks that come with the destination and do their best to avoid situations when the risk may be higher (think large crowds, festivals etc.).

A street-savvy female traveler who is familiar with Indian culture may be able to navigate certain Indian neighborhoods without issue. A less-experienced female traveler should opt for group travel and stick with the “safety in numbers” school of thought. Hiring a local guide or traveling with Indian friends will also serve you well.

To hear from a female traveler with plenty of experience navigating in India, check out this blog post devoted specifically to traveling solo in India as a woman.

So, do your research on travel tips, take extra precautions, opt for group travel, and be aware of the fact that forms of harassment that we see as unacceptable in our daily lives are fairly common in many parts of India.

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Is India Safe for a Solo Female Traveler?
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