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Tacos, tequila, sombreros, Pancho Villa, Frida Kahlo, and Salma Hayek. If any of these words sound familiar to you, then you are like most people in the world because everyone knows something about Mexico. However, there is so much more to Mexico than stereotypes and popular staples. A vast history of different cultures arriving at this melting pot make Mexico’s land and culture one of the richest and most varied in the world. Mesoamerican cultures, Spanish traditions, and contemporary arts and culture mix with world-class and traditional cuisine; topped with incredible paradisiac natural landscapes, modern cities, and enchanting traditional towns. Mexico is truly a one-of-a-kind place. Here are Mexico’s 8 Best Airbnbs for you to enjoy an experience like no other.

By Dennis Schrader

Modern and Historic Spacious Condo, Mexico City

As you walk into this historic building, you’re immediately taken by its modern-style renovation and the minimalistic approach of the decor.  Dominated by wooden details and furniture, this condo near Mexico City’s historic downtown is fully equipped and has three bedrooms to choose from where you can relax after enjoying all the city has to offer nearby. Parks, museums, and ample choices of eating experiences are close by.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

Mexico’s 8 Best Airbnbs
Photo by Alice

Blooming Penthouse in City Center, Mexico City

Experiencing this penthouse in Mexico City’s downtown is better done from the outside in. The terrace is shielded from the rain but is bathed by sunlight all day to feed the beautiful blooming flora covering most of it. Enjoy the sunlight and maybe breakfast, lunch and/or dinner as you feel the breeze and soak up the sun. Step inside the spacious penthouse to discover relaxing hammocks, beautifully decorated spaces and a queen-sized bed to rest. The perfect place to explore the city and wind up after the day’s adventures.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

Top Airbnb in Mexico
Photo by Olivier

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Luxury Penthouse with Your Own Private Glass-Bottom Pool, Cancun

Hyper-cool design defines the attitude of this gorgeous penthouse. Modern style and great views of Cancun are going to make you wish you could stay forever. The Quintana Roo state and the Yucatan Peninsula are home to some of the most breathtaking coastal paradises, and having your own glass-bottom pool to enjoy the view should be more than enough. However, to add to the luxury and comfort, your stay will be equipped with three king-sized bedrooms, a fully fitted kitchen with a Nespresso machine and a huge private terrace with a barbecue grill. This is all topped with full-time staff to care for all your needs. Can you be any more pampered?

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

Best Airbnb in Mexico
Photo by Marc

Local-Style Living Apartment, Guadalajara

The beautiful city of Guadalajara in the State of Jalisco offers an amazing variety of cultural, gastronomic and business opportunities for all kinds of travelers. This apartment is perfect for any purpose as it’s located in a strategic location in the city’s downtown area. Visit the Cathedral just five minutes away or access to all kinds of popular attractions and nightlife close-by in an area full of locals who will make you feel like one of them.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

Top Airbnb in Mexico
Photo by Tom

Top of the World Apartment, Monterrey

All the way on the 32nd floor of a new building in Monterrey, Nuevo León, you’ll find yourself looking at an amazing view of the city from a brand new apartment with all the comforts and amenities of modern life, including a 75’’ TV, leather sofas, Wifi, Netflix and Cable TV, a full kitchen and a mini-bar. If that’s enough to satisfy your needs, step out into the pool or gym and unwind for a while, just to later hit the beautiful commercial area nearby or grab a bite to eat in one of the restaurants in the area. Did we miss anything?

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

Mexico’s top Airbnbs
Photo by Jose Oscar

The World Famous Seashell House ~ Casa Caracol, Cancun

The State of Guerrero is home to the world-famous beaches of Acapulco. A vacation paradise, the only way to improve your stay here in any way would be to stay at a Seashell House with its own private pool and BBQ grill! Feel like a celebrity in this wonderful space as everyone will want to look at this design wonder. 

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

Best Airbnb in Mexico
Photo by Michelle

Mexican Artcraft Balcony Flat, Mexico City

Don’t let the impressive use of colors and shapes in this beautiful Airbnb rental overwhelm you. Or, let them. You’ll be comfortable either way. Go up to the rooftop area and have a great time chilling, enjoying the view or having a nice drink. Mexico City’s wonderful landscapes will wow you as you enjoy them from the balcony or the terrace.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

Mexico’s 8 Best Airbnbs
Photo by Cristian
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