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Portugal is home to some of the most beautiful coastline in all of Europe. You have your rugged side: the jagged peaks and rough surf are not unlike those of California’s coast, but you also have a flavor of more traditional Southern Europe in the southern Algarve Coast which is home to calmer surf and warmer waters coming from the Mediterranean. Whether it’s low key beach time or hikes along the towering cliffs, Portugal is a wonderful place to spend time in the great outdoors. Glamping combines the outdoor unfiltered experience with the comfort of a hotel-quality bed and a much-needed upgrade from a flimsy tent. Here are our picks for the best places for glamping in Portugal. 

By Okwaeze Otusi

Nature Glamping in Orange Grove

We love that these tents are huge, the beds look extremely comfortable, there’s a kitchen, the bathrooms look solid, and the bonus — there’s a terrace to soak up views of the beautiful surroundings. Perfect for a romantic getaway, this glamping experience is secluded while still being within access to attractions like a waterpark, town center, and beach.

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Glamping With a View

Remember the cliffs we mentioned? Some of the best are actually on Portugal’s islands. These huts are perched atop some of the steepest cliffs we’ve come across and the view certainly doesn’t disappoint. Located on the archipelago of Madeira (a Portuguese territory off the coast of Morocco), the campground is secluded and the islands offer plenty of opportunities for exploring. Whether it’s taking the nearby Achadas da Croz metro cable or hopping over to the picturesque city of Funchal, you’ll have plenty to see.

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glamping in Portugal
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Luxury Hut in the Azores

If you thought Madeira sounded remote, let’s move a little further into the Atlantic. The Azores are an autonomous region of Portugal known for small fishing villages and breathtaking landscapes and this hut puts you in the perfect places to take it all in.

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glamping in Portugal
Photo by Pedro

Peaceful Campground in the Choupana Valley

Perched on a small hill and surrounded by forest, this tent would be an excellent escape from whatever is hanging over your head these days. You can find a trail, hike through the foothills and come back for a quick dip in the miniature pool that looks out over the surrounding hills.

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glamping in Portugal
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Gorgeous Campground in Northern Portugal

Peneda-Gerês National Park sits in northern Portugal along the Spanish border and this campground puts you in an excellent position to enter the park and explore. The surrounding area is absolutely gorgeous with its rolling hills and old villages. You can hop on a horse and explore the hills or stay on foot and visit on the nearby creeks.

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glamping in Europe
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