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Have you had a long week commuting on the sweltering tube in London? Or have you been looking out the office window longingly at the sunny sky? Britain is experiencing an unprecedented heatwave and the country is in meltdown with temperatures reaching an all-time high. What better way to handle the heat than to ditch your clothes and soak up the precious rays in the buff? We’ve rounded up the top things to do in the nude in the UK. So unbutton your cardigan, ditch your tie and get stuck in!

By yurakrasil

Tan Your ‘Bits’ on a Nudist Beach

With summer temperatures scorching, even a bikini or swim trunks might make you feel like you’re wearing too many clothes. So why not ditch all items and head to one of the UK’s best nudist beaches (just don’t forget to put suncream all over):

By Elias Kordelakos

Brighton Nudist Beach, Sussex

With the Met Office panicking that everyone might melt like an ice cream in the sunshine, there’s no better idea than taking a dip in the cold sea at Brighton’s Nudist Beach? In the 1980s the beach became the UK’s first official naturist beach and since then, it’s been welcoming happy naturists year-round. It’s a 200-yard stretch of swimsuit-free beach that lies just one mile east of Brighton Pier. The sea is perfectly cold and it’s a great place to cool off alongside like-minded people.

By Markus Mainka

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Studland Bay, Dorset

As you walk to Studland Bay, you’ll know you’re in the right place thanks to a handy signpost saying: ‘Naturists may be seen beyond this point’. And rightly so, as you’re likely to see a lot of bare bodies. Studland Bay is known to be the UK’s most popular nudist beaches thanks to its soft, white sand and the fact that it’s surrounded by sand dunes that offer near-total privacy from prying eyes.

Cleat’s Shore, Scotland

If you want to really beat the heat, head to Cleat’s Shore in the Isle of Arran in Scotland. Not only will temperatures in Scotland be cooler than those in the south, but you can also splash around in the beach’s cold rock pools in your birthday suit without a care in the world. At Cleat’s Shore, you’re likely to see seals splashing around in the sea too. Let’s hope they aren’t prudes.

By Renata Apanaviciene

Go Skinny Dipping in the Wild

Skinny dipping in the wild is an incredibly refreshing experience that will have you feeling like you’ve finally conquered the heat. Top places to take a forest-dip include:

Linhope Spout, Northumberland

At Linhope Spout in Northumberland, you’ll find a deep plunge pool set within a beautiful glade. There’s plenty of shade in the surrounding woodland, so as you approach the pool you’ll already be able to feel your body temperature go down. The pool itself is fed by a 60-foot chute of water and while it’s not a designated nudist spot per se, many people visit with the intention of taking a dip au naturel.

By Trover

Strathmashie Forest, Scotland

Head to the Strathmashie Forest in Scotland where you can find a wonderfully cold river pool on the River Pattack. A lot of people take a dip in the nude year-round (it’s good for circulation, apparently) so it’s likely to be a busy spot during the current heatwave. You can camp in the surrounding area and cool down in the shade beneath the surrounding trees.

Plodda Falls, Scotland

Plodda Falls in Glen Affric is surrounded by a lush forest. It’s home to a large plunge pool that’s fed water from Scotland’s second highest waterfall. Take a dip in your birthday suit and feel fully refreshed.

By Alina Bratosin

Relax at a Naturist Spa

Why not beat the heat on a naturist spa break? The Forest Spa is set in the Wye Valley, which lies in the mountains in South Wales. It’s a naturist hotel and spa with a strict no clothes policy. They offer a combined package of time spent in a hot tub and a night’s stay for a couple. It’s a great place to unwind with your significant other.

By Quintanilla

Is it Legal?

As it stands, there is no official offense of ‘nudity’ in English law, you just need to be mindful and respectful of others. So ditch the constraints of your clothes, don’t be shy.

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