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For the uninitiated, the southwestern corner of France is home to some of the world’s best surf breaks. As a result, towns like Hossegor, Biarritz, and surrounding villages have become fun surf communities where little matters more than waves, fun, and sun. If you’re considering a getaway vacation, staying at one of these excellent surf lodges will give you the best accommodation experience. Here’s a quick rundown on the best surf lodges in the southwest of France.

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Pura Vida Lodge

Perched on a patch of lush green jungle adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, this lodge’s name truly does the place justice. With its own private beach (which may have you considering Nude Surfing: Where to Hang More Than Ten), a pretty river, and excellent waves, Pura Vida is a great spot. It’s located further up the coast, so even in the high season it’s not too overwhelming. The lodge has all kinds of rooms with balconies and ensuites, and the property is fully equipped with hammocks, a lounge garden, a gas barbecue, and more.

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Natural Surf Lodge

More than just a no-frills hostel, the Natural Surf Lodge is a much larger operation that includes an eco-lodge, a surf camp, yoga classes, cooking workshops, massages, and more. They provide various options for surfing and accommodations in Seignosse and Hossegor that will make your time away even more resourceful. You can try nude surfing and a deep natural experience just north of the supervised beach of Les Casernes where the surf school is located. The staff and instructors cater to all kinds of experience levels, so don’t be intimidated by the world-class waves here. (

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Secret Spot Lodge

The Secret Spot Lodge is situated just north of Hossegor in the small town of Azur. The closest beaches to this spot include Messanges, Moliets, and La Lette. Inside, you’ll be treated with the homey environment of a local B&B. There’s a pool, a kitchen to cook your own meals, and a private instructor to take you out on your surfing adventures. As far as accommodations go, you can opt for anything from bunk bed dorm style rooms to luxurious private suites.  

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Biarritz Surf Hostel

A bit further down the coast from Hossegor is Biarritz, another funky surf town with a chic vibe. Just outside the city center and all its commotion you’ll find Biarritz Surf Hostel. Precisely a 22-minute walk to two internationally-recognized surf breaks, the hostel is also within a stone’s throw from the Pyrenees mountains and the Spanish border. The hostel itself is a renovated five-bedroom spot, which makes it feel more like a home than a hostel. There’s a generous continental breakfast on offer, laundry services, a computer with free WiFi, and more. Safe to say you can hide out here for quite some time.

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By Pixabay-PatrickBlaise

Shifting Sands Surf Camp

Located just a couple miles south of the heart of Hossegor and it’s fun nightlife, Shifting Sands Surf Camp is located in a small village on a tranquil patch of countryside. The house itself has a 16-person capacity, so it doesn’t really pull large crowds at all. They’re located just over a mile from the sea, and in between the house and the water are some rolling hills of sand dunes and pine forests. The closest beach isn’t just a beach that has waves — it’s a beach for surfing. That said, there are breaks suitable for all experience levels.

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Southwest Surf House

Unlike many other options on this list, the Southwest Surf House is located right near Les Bourdaines Beach, just a five-minute walk from the water. It’s also within walking distance of the area’s local restaurants, bars, and attractions. The house is completely decked out with everything you would want in a surf lodge: bikes, skateboards, longboards, slacklines, yoga mats, list the goes on!

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