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If partying is a priority in your travels throughout South America, then look no further. This list of the 5 best party hostels in South America will meet your need to get wild. So toss back a fernet, pull off a toga for the night and wake up with your ears still ringing.

1. Loki Hostel

Loki hostel is well known for its themed parties every night, from traditional toga parties to superhero parties to playboy parties – the fun never stops! Here you’ll find a comfortable and safe place where you can meet people from around the world and where there is always something going on. With events like the blood bomb world cup, which includes alcohol, fire and drunk people, Loki hostel brings the perfect party for a lively backpacker crowd. Loki hostels can be found in:

– The Argentinian countryside in Salta
– Mancora: Peru’s favorite sun and surf spot
– Lima’s lively Miraflores district
– Peru’s old Incan capital of Cusco

2. Milhouse

In Buenos Aires partying is a priority and Milhouse does it justice with themed parties every night of the week! From foam parties to stoplight parties to mud parties and more, it’s easy to socialize with international guests in a fun and creative setting. Spend a chill afternoon sunbathing on the terrace or mingling in the spacious lounge. At Milhouse, there is always an opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and continue the fun. Head out with your new friends to the major clubs, like Niceto and Podestá, to experience the city’s nightlife. Extra perks include cultural events and activities within the hostel, like Spanish and tango classes.

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3. Media Luna

In the bohemian sector of Cartagena, Getsemaní, Media Luna Hostel boasts prime location with an international crowd and, you guessed it, a rich nightlife. This hostel is well known in the backpacker realm as the place to be on a Wednesday, with the popular rooftop party “Visa por un Sueño.” The party hosts live bands and guest DJs that attract more than 700 people looking to dance and have a good time. Take advantage of the courtyard and central swimming pool to lay out and relax during the day, or spice it up with some salsa and champeta classes before a night out dancing. If you’re there for one night only, check out our guide to what to do with 24 hours in Cartagena.

4. Ukelele Hostel

Imagen de la galería de este alojamiento

Ukelele Hostel is an old house in a tranquil and beautiful neighborhood in Montevideo, Uruguay, close to everything, yet tucked away from the noise of it all. Take part in group barbecues and outings to soccer games, or spend your days lounging by the expansive pool. Enjoy a drink with other travelers in the hostel bar, spend the evening hanging out in the vintage music room and later explore Independencia Square just .6 miles away. Ukelele Hostel is a good break from the hardcore party hostels and the perfect place for solo travelers to socialize in a chill atmosphere.

5. Che Lagarto

With 19 hostel locations in South America, Che Lagarto is lives up to its party hostel reputation with regular barbecues, evening events and fun parties outings at night. The Rio de Janeiro location most known for its lively party atmosphere is Che Lagarto Ipanema. Surrounded by a variety of bars to choose from, the best place to start your night is the hostel itself, as the daily Caipirinha happy hour is prime time to meet travelers from around the world. Every night hosts a party with a lively atmosphere and a nocturnal crowd. Extra features include nearby shopping, restaurants, bars and a 3 minute walk from the beach. With a philosophy that “Life is now,” Che Lagarto invites you to enjoy every moment to the fullest. We also love the Che Largarto locations in Cusco and Arequipa.

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