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Solo travel can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. But at the end of the day, solo travel is an experience like no other (and one that we highly recommend)! It allows you to visit a destination on your own terms, which helps you discover more about yourself. It also pushes you out of your comfort zone, and you might surprise yourself by accomplishing some things you didn’t know you were capable of. So… for the newcomers to solo travel, we’ve curated a list of our favorite places to visit on your own.

By Colton Duke

Costa Rica

Known for its vast rainforests and vibrant ecosystem, Costa Rica is a beautiful place to explore on your own. Immerse yourself in a ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle, and adventure by foot, kayak or horseback. No matter how many times you visit, you’ll always find that there are more places to explore. It’s generally one of the safest countries to travel through in Central America and it’s known for its friendly, helpful locals. While Spanish is the main language in Costa Rica, English is widely spoken and it’s easy to travel around. There are a lot of surfing and yoga retreats on the coast in Costa Rica, so if you feel like switching off for a week of rejuvenation, it’s easy to do so. The retreats are a great way of meeting like-minded others and kicking back without a care in the world!

By Linda Rose


The beauty of the country is impossible to ignore, and you’ll find yourself never wanting to leave the sweeping and dramatic landscapes. Explore the “land of fire and ice” by visiting incredible sites like Reykjavik, Jökulsárlón, the Blue Lagoon and more. Iceland is a really safe country to travel through. It’s known for its efficient public transport and it’s also easy and safe to hire a car and drive around on your own. The country has decent hostels close to many of the main attractions, most of which offer compact day tours to some of the countries best sights. If you’re traveling solo, day tours are a great way of meeting others while exploring a new destination.

By Tom Grimbert

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New Zealand

We can’t get enough of this gorgeous country, and it’s hard to not get swept away immediately by the incredible landscapes. The islands are sparsely populated yet easily accessible, which makes them the perfect spot to lose yourself on your solo adventure. It’s easy to get between New Zealand’s top destinations thanks to the country’s good train and bus system. Generally speaking, New Zealand’s track record with safety is excellent and it is rare to hear of a bad backpacker experience!

© Marcus Holland-Moritz / Wikipedia


You’ll find yourself right at home in Ireland as you’re welcomed by the friendly and fascinating locals. Solo travel in Ireland is particularly fun because of this, and we’re willing to bet you’ll head home with your share of adventurous stories (as well as a solid list of new friends to visit). It’s very easy to get around Ireland on your own, and the fun-loving locals are always happy to help and offer advice. Hostels in Ireland are very sociable, so it’s a great place to meet others if you’re looking to socialize and link up with fellow travelers.

By Nils Nedel


Japan is one of the safest countries in the world to travel in. Thanks to its excellent transport system, private-pod-style hostels, and welcoming locals it’s easy to get around and feel safe. The main cities in Japan have super fast WiFi, which is great for keeping in touch with those back home and planning the next stages of your trip. Japan is also known for its futuristic capsule hostels, which are like traditional dorm rooms, but the beds are placed into their own private pods and you have complete privacy.

Most of the pods come with charging sockets, a locker, and some even come with basic toiletries and a TV. In terms of safety, Japan is the sort of country where you could accidentally leave your bag at a bus stop and come back and it will still be there, or there will be a local guarding it. For women, it’s a great place to travel solo as there is almost no catcalling, and there are even female-only subway carriages during rush hour.

By Manauel Cosentino


Canada is another excellent country to travel through solo. It’s known for its great safety record — you rarely hear of problems for backpackers — and it has accessible transportation and a vast hostel network. The country is home to epic national parks, stunning lakes, and vibrant cities, plus there’s a well-established backpacking route so it’s easy to meet fellow travelers along the way. Canada has a good quality of life, making it an easy draw for those keen to ‘dip their toes’ in the world of solo travel, without feeling too far out of their comfort zone.

By Bruno Soares


If you want to travel solo in an exotic destination, why not consider Thailand? The country is great to travel through as there’s a well-trodden backpacker route which runs from the bustling capital of Bangkok to the relaxing Chang Mai, and then down to the stunning beaches on the southern islands. Generally, travelers in Thailand are on the same page. They are looking to experience a new culture, eat a ton of street food, and meet other travelers. There are tons of hostels along the backpacker trail, and the atmosphere is usually always social.

By Mathew Schwartz
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