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Hashtags are no new thing. They were originally introduced into the social media scene as a way to categorize content. Now, Instagrammers use this popular method as a way to gain more likes and followers to their accounts. When you place a hashtag on your public Instagram account, anyone searching for that particular topic can view and interact with your image, thus giving your account more exposure. By using more popular hashtags, you can get your account seen by more people and, eventually, increase your following.

By Patrick Thomasso

Rules to keep in mind when using Instagram hashtags:

1. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags on one picture

2. Try to avoid looking “spammy” by hiding your hashtags in the comments section

3. Switch up your hashtags between popular and lower competition categories to increase your chances of visibility

4. Choose various hashtags to get in front of a variety of audiences

5. Make sure the hashtag is relevant to your photo

6. Remember that followers on Instagram is not the only success in life

By Becca Taper

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The top 30 hashtags to boost appearance and likes:

1- #travelgram 35,000,000 photos

2- #travellife 2,500,000 photos

3- #traveltheworld 5,700,000

4- #igtravel 9,300,000 photos

5- #travelawesome 2,500,000 photos

6- #traveladdict 2,900,000 photos

7- #wanderlust 37,000,000 photos

8- #globetrotter 2,500,000 photos

9- #travellife 2,600,000 photos

10- #wanderlustwednesday 93,000 photos

11- #instapassport 6,900,000 photos

12- #travelworld 370,000 photos

13- #worldtravelpics 670,000 photos

14- #passport 1,200,000 photos

15- #letsgoeverywhere 411,000 photos

By @belart84

16- #passportheavy 37,000 photos

17- #exploretheworld 750,000 photos

18- #travelmore 640,000 photos

19- #travelbug 2,600,000 photos

20- #instatravel 33,000,000 photos

21- #tourist 13,000,000 photos

22- #abroad 500,000 photos

23- #worldtrip 290,000 photos

24- #travelinspiration 270,000 photos

25- #solotravel 960,000 photos

26- #adventure 36,000,000 photos

27- #tourtheworld 10,000 photos

28- #nomad 1,500,000 photos

29- #getoutthere 550,000 photos

30- #traveldiary 1,100,000 photos

Happy hashtagging from #AllTheRooms!

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Keeping these guidelines in mind, here are the top 30 hashtags to use for your travel Instagram in order to boost appearance and likes. Hashtags Travel Instagram Travel Blogger
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