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The home of the Sound of Music, Austria is home to stunning mountains, charming cities, hidden gems, small towns, and incredible sights in between. Your days in Austria will be stress-free — the country is incredibly safe and easy to navigate. For solo travelers, Austria is a perfect destination.

Solo travel doesn’t have to be the lonely alternative for those without a travel buddy. Traveling alone is often a way for people to connect with their journey, or simply to not have to share their daily schedule with anyone else. Solo travel is great for those who don’t want fellow travelers holding back their plans, compromising where to go and when, and for those who want to meet new people while traveling. Traveling solo in Austria is perfect for those looking to go off on their own while experiencing one of the best countries in Europe.

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Where to visit


Large cities like Vienna have been ranked as having some of the best qualities of life in the world. Vienna, Austria’s capital city, offers a rich cultural history, immense palaces, world-famous museums, and charming streets. For a solo traveler, Vienna offers great public transport to get you across the city, letting you save money for more of what you want to do. While in Vienna, check out the Schonbrunn Palace, where you can tour the inside or just wander the palace grounds outside, wander down the crowded streets of Graben, or get lost in one of the dozens of museums. With hundreds of hostels full of young travelers, Vienna is a great starting point for a solo traveler, as you’re bound to have plenty to keep you busy, and plenty of opportunities to meet a new friend or two.

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Another popular solo travel destination is Salzburg, located along the German border. Salzburg is known for its great skiing and hiking in the nearby Alps, grand castles and views, and the quaint, yet majestic Old City. Salzburg is great for the solo traveler, as there’s plenty to explore without feeling lost. Wander through the cobblestone streets, admire the Baroque architecture in the city, and head to some of the restaurants offering traditional dishes. Salzburg is easy to navigate, letting you explore it all without spending too much on transportation, either.

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Innsbruck, way in the west of the country, is another popular destination, particularly amongst solo travelers. The city boasts fantastic winter sports, like skiing, snowboarding, and skating in the Tyrolean Alps, along with colorful streets lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops, and modern and imperial design architecture all around. Innsbruck is small and easy to get around, making it a great stop for someone traveling by themselves. Wander through Old Town, visit City Hall, or go rafting down the waters in the Tyrol Region. Innsbruck is a lovely town, and most visitors fall in love with the area due to its natural beauty, friendly vibes, and great atmosphere.

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What to know

Travel in Austria

Other than the main large cities, Austria is home to many villages and hamlets begging to be explored. As a solo traveler, and especially as a solo female traveler, you won’t have to worry in these smaller towns about your safety and security. Austria is regularly ranked as one of the safest countries in Europe and travel throughout the country is incredibly safe for foreigners. Plus, as a relatively small country, you can make many treks a day trip from wherever you are. Buses and trains between cities throughout Austria are low in cost and easy to follow. Check out towns like Hallstatt, Heiligenblut, St. Gilgen, and Lienz for an authentic Austrian experience.

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Unlike many other countries, there isn’t really a language barrier, even outside of the main cities. English is widely spoken in the whole country, even in the smallest of towns. Though, it might help to brush up on some simple phrases in Austrian German.

Food and Drink

While in Austria, be sure to try some of the country’s traditional dishes. Austria’s most iconic dish is arguably the wiener schnitzel — seasoned, breaded, and fried veal, served up via in a recipe dating back to the early 1800s. Alternatively, satisfy your sweet tooth with another classic Austrian dish, Apple Strudel. Apple Strudel is a delicious combination of flaky bread and sweet, baked apples in a mix of flavors. Austria is also home to great coffee, so be sure to stop into any coffee shop in town for a cup and some people-watching.

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