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Good coffee, workable environments, idyllic landscapes, and thriving entrepreneurial communities make these international destinations hot spots for digital nomads. These top five places for remote work in South America are worth a trip to check out. And they might just tempt you to stay.

By Shridhar Gupta

1. Medellín, Colombia

Tucked in a valley, surrounded by light-speckled mountains, Medellin is the city of eternal Spring. Here you’ll find the happiest population of digital nomads in South America. The ability to work from any number of chic, affordable, and unique cafes in the city, combined with top quality Colombian coffee they provide, makes this city a nomad’s paradise. You can also find quality WiFi at numerous Medellin hostels. There’s even free WiFi in most parks around the city.

The chance to explore Medellin, with a high quality of life and a low cost of living, makes this destination a no-brainer for digital nomads. Areas of the city that were once riddled with violence and crime are now teeming with tourists and expats. Ride the excellent metro system from sights to coworking spaces, or take a cab across the city for just $5 USD. Impeccable weather, friendly locals, and a growing entrepreneurial community makes Medellin the number one place to work remotely in South America.

By Paweldotio

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2. Caye Caulker, Belize

Consecutive sunny days and a soft breeze make Caye Caulker, a small tropical island known for its turquoise waters, an ideal location for digital nomads who prefer the working near the beach. The island is a 45-minute speedboat ride from Belize City. The average cost of living is around $3000/month, so Caye Caulker is not for the nomad on a tight budget. Even though there is no coworking hub at Caye Caulker, there are plenty of tourists to befriend. The infrastructure and quality WiFi connection on this island makes it easy to get some work done – if you can tear yourself away from the beach.

By photosounds

3. Mar del Plata, Argentina

This Argentine beach hotspot is a great digital nomad destination with a cost of living of around $1200/month. Though Mar del Plata can get quite crowded, the non-summer months show the residual charm of this once glamorous seaside city. There are five coworking spaces and cafes to work from in Mar del Plata with up to 22mbps WiFi, including SUMA Conectivo and Dorregus Coworking. Stretch out on the long beaches after a day of work and admire the stunning landscape. Mar del Plata brings the entertainment and warmth of other Argentine cities, at a much lower cost than Buenos Aires.

By Delfi de la Rua

4. Cuenca, Ecuador

Nice weather, proximity to nature escapes, trekking, hiking, as well as a work-friendly environment make Cuenca a top spot for digital nomads. Places like Cafe San Sebas and Cafe Austria are perfect workspaces that provide the usual cafe amenities plus a strong WiFi connection. Cuenca is a very walkable city with outdoor spaces throughout. Plus, there is a strong sense of community among expats in Cuenca, so it’s easy to fit right in.

By Fernando Tapia

5. Florianopolis, Brazil

One of Brazil’s safest cities, Florianopolis, has a rich culture, excellent food,  friendly people and additional perks for digital nomads. Florianopolis isn’t the cheapest digital nomad destination: it has an average cost of living of $1000 per month, but it’s a growing scene for digital entrepreneurship. There has been a recent boom in the city’s technology and tourism industries. Head to one of four main coworking spaces in the city, then spend some time exploring the town or walking along the stunning beaches that make up long stretches of shoreline.

By Tiago Muraro
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