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Across the United States, more and more places are decriminalizing and legalizing weed consumption. Why not celebrate this with your own weed-friendly trip?  Just you and your pal Mary Jane in some of the country’s most liberal places. Along the West Coast, you are sure to find like-minded people as well as all the quality marijuana your heart desires. The only thing left to worry about is the hotel. Of course, the best hotels are the ones that cater to your needs, so let us help you with our list of the top weed-friendly hotels.

Jupiter Hotel, Portland OR

Weed Friendly Hotel Oregon
Photo by Jupiter Hotel

This bright, chic hotel is also weed friendly. The Jupiter Hotel’s 420-package allows you to enjoy your stay with good ol’ Mary Jane. The package includes a munchie kit, a vape pen, an issue of Dope Magazine, and discounts to local dispensaries. Portland legalized recreational marijuana use in 2014, and since then Portlanders have enjoyed consuming weed in private residences and growing small amounts for personal consumption.

Portland is home to many unique sites, hiking trails, and other outdoor activities. Check out the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, The Pittock Mansion, or the Urban Forest Reserve. The underground tunnels or the Witch’s Castle stone ruins in the woods are great options as well, if you dare.

Note: Remember that federal law overrides state law. So don’t go crossing borders with your weed! If you get caught, state laws won’t protect you.

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Winston House, Seattle WA

Weed Friendly Hotel Washington
Photo by Winston House

While not technically a hotel, this Airbnb rental in the heart of Seattle is entirely dedicated to being weed-friendly. The private room comfortably fits couples, but the real draw is the common area of the house. The living room comes fully equipped with all you need for smoking a little kush, including pipes and rolling paper, as well as speakers, art supplies, and anything else you need for a full mindfulness retreat. Washington voted to legalize marijuana possession of quantities under one ounce in 2012, and the state allows for private consumption.

Seattle’s full of things to do, aside from visiting the pot spots of the city. Head to the Space Needle for the best views of the city, or learn about current pop culture at the Museum of Pop. Pike Place Market is your go-to destination for great food and drink.

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Bud & Breakfast at the Adagio, Denver CO

Weed Friendly Hotel colorado
Photo by B&B The Adagio

Of course, Colorado is on our list, and as this bed and breakfast’s name may suggest, it’s definitely pot-friendly. The rooms come with access to weed and weed products and a garden to smoke in. Happy hours, of course, begin at 4:20 pm. The B&B is just a short walk away from the Denver Botanical Gardens and Cheeseman Park. Denver is frequently called the kush capital of the USA. Denver’s laws protect private consumption of marijuana, bought from licensed retail stores.

Check out Denver while you’re in the city. The Denver Art Museum is home to over 68,000 pieces, while the Denver Botanic Gardens houses over 15,000 plant species. For some outdoor fun, check out Washington Park, or catch a show at the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre.

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The Las Vegas Suites at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas NV

Weed Friendly Hotel Las Vegas
Photo by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Check out these luxury suites at one of Sin City’s nicest hotels. The best part? This hotel welcomes weed. The room, with top of the line amenities and entertainment, is also just a short distance from all of Vegas’s shows, restaurants, and clubs. The hotel is also walking distance from some of Nevada’s great dispensaries. However, the hotel only allows smoking on the outside terraces, and not within the rooms themselves. Nevada legalized weed for both recreational and medicinal purposes in 2016 and weed is available for purchase from licensed dispensaries.

Of course, there is no shortage of things to do in Vegas. Check out any of the casinos and shows or head outside the city to venture to the Hoover Dam, or check out any of the magnificent hiking trails and zip lines.

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La Quinta Inn & Suites Denver Airport, Denver CO

Colorado Weed Friendly Hotel
Photo by La Quinta Inn and Suites Denver Airport

Another Denver spot on our list, this hotel is close to everything, from the airport to the dispensaries to the nightlife. Or maybe you’re just looking to pass your layover with a little green. The simple rooms give you ample space to bring what you need: your kush. The best part is, if you stay for two or more nights, you get a $20 coupon for a weed tour of Denver. The hotel also provides cannabis-infused massages and pot-friendly airport transportation. Don’t waste a second of your trip in a place that isn’t weed-friendly.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

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