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Let’s face it: an adventure traveler is usually engaged in activities that you know nothing about. Gift shopping for this type of person can become a guessing game or a stressful chore. What average person knows how to shop for climbing harnesses, mountaineering packs or bungee jumping gear? Not many. And it’s not something that should be left up to a Google search either. If you want to ensure that you select a quality gift, then check out our list of the best gift ideas for an adventure traveler.

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1. Epic Wipes

There are some commonalities that exist among adventurers, such as their desire to be outdoors, their love for nature and their frequent need to bathe. We all know the benefits of wet wipes, but the thing that sets Epic Wet Wipes apart: they’re towel-sized! It’s like a bath-on-the-go.

 best gifts for adventure traveler


2. Sea to Summit Microfiber Towel

 What goes hand-in-hand with a giant wet wipe? A quick-drying, microfiber towel. Instead of focusing on this adventure traveler’s unique set of hobbies, you can focus on their basic needs, which are often neglected when out in the wild. Never underestimate the feeling of a good ablution.

best gifts for adventure traveler 

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3. Black Diamond Headlamp

A true outdoors person never goes anywhere without a proper headlamp—it’s efficient, it helps with navigation in low-lit areas and it looks cool! Work this gift into your list because there isn’t an adventure traveler that would leave home without one.

 best gifts for adventure traveler

4. Warbonnet Blackbird Hammock

I’m speculating here, but I’m guessing that your adventure traveler likes to spend some time relaxing under the big blue sky or gazing up at the stars. Such activities usually take place in the comfort of a hammock. This particular brand comes highly recommended among the outdoor community, so you can feel confident that you’re making an informed choice.


5. Garmin Navigation Watch

Garmin takes outdoor navigation to a new level: 3-axis compass, altimeter and a barometer in one. Not that you need to know what any of that means, but the Garmin has been rated one of the top outdoor sports watches for several years in a row. There are many great options for navigation watches, but you definitely can’t go wrong with this one.

best gifts for adventure traveler

6. National Park Pass

Adventure travelers more than likely think of the National Park System as the greatest gift our government has ever given its people. Now give them the gift of ease of movement through the US’s 61 National Parks. A National Park Pass goes for $80 for a year. A single trip into any park costs somewhere between $20-30 so for an adventurer the gift could pay for itself within a few months. It is a great value gift and will give an outdoors lover endless hours of exploring. They can check out crowd favorites like Yosemite or Yellowstone, or get off the beaten path with gems like Voyageurs or North Cascades National Park in Washington.

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7. GoPro

GoPro has figured out a perfect recipe for picture taking for adventurers and adrenaline junkies. While on a long distance hike or surf trip or even just backpacking through a new country, most travelers are going to want to take amazing photos but not add any extra weight. GoPro small and virtually indestructible design have made them popular sellers. While iPhones and other smartphones are small also, GoPro has some serious advantages, including being waterproof, easy to edit videos, hands-free attachments, and settings specific for action shots.


8. Water Filter Straw

Many adventure travelers have learned the hard way, not all water is ok to drink. Drinking unsanitary water is one of the quickest ways to kill any kind of adventure. Since, in some countries, bad drinking water might be the largest safety concern, coming prepared is essential. Companies like LifeStraw offer products that almost instantly filters any harmful bacteria from water coming from sinks in hostels or from a river in the backcountry.

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9. Portable Solar Charger Pack

Even adventurers these days have a lot of gadgets. Unfortunately, nature lovers don’t exactly have a whole lot of access to outlets. There are many popular options that are durable and convenient. Most are able to attach to a backpack, making it easy for them to charge even as people are backpacking or trekking long distances. Many are smartly designed and include built-in flashlights, a rubber exterior to protect it from falls, and multiple USB ports to support a number of devices.


10. Travel Journal

While thoughts of adventure travel envoke images of trudging through mud, battling rapids, or jumping out of a plane, the truth is there usually is a good amount of downtime as well. Often times the reward at the end of the difficult journies involved in adventure travel involves sitting by a fire or perched above an inspiring view. These moments of peace are awesome times to disconnect from technology and reflect. Getting the adventurers in your life a travel journal could be a meaningful gift.

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11. Subscription to NatGeo or Outside Magazine

There are not many of us who can call themselves “Professional Adventure Travelers”, which means there is going to be an inevitable gap between trips. So why not fill that time with reading about or getting new ideas from other peoples’ journies. Two of the most legendary and reputable names in adventure content National Geographic and Outside magazines are guarantees to pass the time with quality writing, amazing photos, and excitement. And don’t worry, both have top-notch digital platforms for anyone who thinks printed magazines are outdated.


12. Membership to a Climbing Gym

Many adventure travelers may have a singular activity focus like skiing or mountaineering that are very seasonal. This means that there are gonna be huge voids throughout the rest of the year. While outdoor climbing obviously requires good weather, indoor climbing or bouldering can be done all year round. Getting into climbing is relatively easy as there is not a ton of startup knowledge needed to begin bouldering. But it is a fun challenge for all skill levels. The increase in popularity of climbing means there are indoor gyms in most major cities. Plus, it will open up all kinds of opportunities for climbing gear gifts for next year!

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