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From lavender fields to breathtaking beaches, we’ve rounded up some of the most beautiful landscapes in European destinations. Check out these five must-see places in Europe for nature-lovers.

1. Lavender Fields in France

Between the foothills of the Southern Alps and the Mediterranean Sea are the heavenly-scented, gorgeous lavender fields in Provence. You can tour family-owned farms with the lavender growers themselves, and see the L’Abbey de Senanque, the well-known abbey where monks grow lavender. Be sure to visit mid-June to mid-August to enjoy the lavender scent and scenery without the tourist crowds of high season.

places in Europe for nature-lovers
Photo by Rudoni Productions

2. Trolltunga in Norway

Head to Hordaland, Norway between mid-June and mid-September to discover these spectacular, scenic cliffs. Trolltunga, or “The troll’s tongue,” is a rock jutting horizontally out of the mountain with Ringedalsvatnet lake 2,000 feet below. You should be in somewhat good shape as the hike encompasses 10-12 hours of demanding trails — all worth the effort for the breathtaking views. Bring a tent to stay the night.

places in Europe for nature-lovers
Photo by quiquefepe

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3.  Chamonix in France

Take Europe’s highest cable car over breathtaking views of the French Alps, and admire the spectacle of Mont-Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain peak. The cable cars reach 12,605 feet, bringing you all the way up to Aiguille du Midi. Have a cappuccino and a bite to eat on the terrace in this nature lover’s fantasy. From the top, you can take a gondola lift ride to Pointe Helbronner in Italy above the Glacier du Géant.

places in Europe for nature-lovers
Photo by Matt Machin

4. Porto Katsiki in Greece

A dip in the crystalline waters of Porto Katsiki in Lefkada is a beach experience like no other. The gradient blue to clear waters of this Ionian island contrast significantly with lush vegetation and white cliffs in the background. Lay out in the shade of a beach umbrella or sunbathe on the sands. Take a taxi-boat on over from Vassiliki and Nidri villages, or treat yourself to one of the private yachts that frequent Porto Katsiki beach.

places in Europe for nature-lovers
Photo by Zoi Koraki

5. Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia

A linked network of waterfalls and streams connect sixteen lakes throughout Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia’s mountains. Hike through the lush greenery of the Karst Mountains, admiring limestone, quartzite, and dolomite bedrock. Stunning blues and greens will make any nature-lover happy exploring the beautiful, cascading lakes.

places in Europe for nature-lovers
Photo by James
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