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For all the party travelers out there, this list is your golden ticket to finding the best party hostels in Southeast Asia. Shed your fear, grab a beer and make sure to book a stay at any of these hostels to guarantee your trip will be one to remember.

1- Vietnam Backpackers Hostel

party hostels in Southeast Asia
Photo by texx1978

Tucked in downtown Hanoi lays a hostel with arguably more chaotic energy than the streets themselves. Vietnam Backpackers Hostel (VBH) invites you to experience an intoxicatingly rich party atmosphere at a great price, in a convenient location. The hostel staff is friendly and accommodating, helping guests to book any of their tours. With a lively atmosphere, spotlessly clean facilities and complimentary breakfast, this hostel boasts customer satisfaction inside and out, as it is also located near quality street food, fresh beer and bustling bars. VBH offers endless opportunities to drink, socialize and meet others.

2- Mad Monkey Hostel

party hostels in Southeast Asia
Photo by Barroom Universe

In the midst of Cambodia’s wild Phnom Penh you’ll find a party hostel with its priorities in check. Mad Monkey Hostel provides the desired party scene, with the necessary controls of a good security system and organized transportation. Lounge and laze by the pool and store up your energy for the lively nights of drinking, partying and mingling on the hostel’s massive rooftop bar. The hostel has a prime location in the city and provides 24/7 security at the gate, maintaining a safe setting within the capital. The hostel employs tuc tuc drivers in the day for transportation, serves tasty food and offers a rambunctious bar crawl for a young crowd looking to have a good time.

3- NapPark Hostel @ Khao San

party hostels in Southeast Asia
Photo by jbremer57

In the heart of the bustling Bangkok NapPark Hostel at Khao San boasts a convenient location, laid-back environment and opportunities to socialize with other travelers. A variety of tourist attractions are nearby this hostel, such as Grand Palace, the Temple of Dawn, Wat Pho and, most importantly, Khao San Road. This road presents the best bar scene and is the essential party point for backpackers. The real perk to this hostel is that it is much less a party hostel within itself, but rather has a perfect party location while reserving its own grounds for rest and recuperation. The hostel itself offers a fun and relaxed environment, surrounded by gardens. Offering the best balance of opportunities to go out and a quiet refuge to come back to, this hostel might just have the typical party hostels beat. Check out NapPark Hostel’s website here.

4- Funky Monkey

party hostels in Southeast Asia
Photo by Michael Day

Though Kuta, Indonesia, is a party destination that has been likened to the sleazier parts of Las Vegas, staying at this hostel might be the perfect way to experience the area. Another laid-back, chill-by-the-pool kind of party hostel, Funky Monkey will hit you with the party later on. Close to the beach and nightlife, you’ll have the opportunity to catch some waves, get some drinks and meet others in the hostel looking to get out and party. Whether you end the night in your dorm bed or watching the sunrise instead, you can always count on looking forward to a nice pancake breakfast.

5- Prince of Wales

party hostels in Southeast Asia
Photo by William Cho

As a popular starting destination or ending point of a Southeast Asia backpacking stint, Singapore has some great party hostels to offer, one of which is the well-known Prince of Wales. The hostel has several locations in the city and tends to be a popular spot for Europeans on their “gap year.” Friendly and helpful employees allow guests to kick back and relax, and the live music makes the environment even more enjoyable. One real perk of Prince of Wales is the attached pub that is accessible to the public, which creates a diverse social scene with a mix of travelers and locals. Though it is not a hardcore, beer-pounding type of party hostel, it is an undeniably good time. Staying here might just be the perfect way to start or end your trip with a bang.

6- Frendz Resort Boracay

party hostels in Southeast Asia
Photo by Ronald Tagra

On the small island of Boracay in the Philippines, adjacent to the serene White Beach, lies the antithesis to the tranquil beach environment. Frendz Resort Boracay is the place to take your vacation if you’re looking for a wild time balanced with a natural setting. You’ll meet other fun and lively travelers while also having the perks of a nice beach location.

party hostels in Southeast Asia


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