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Below, I’ve compiled 8 ideas for your summer bucket list this year. If you’re bored with your office job, or perhaps just tired of the same-old vacation, where you just lounge for hours by the pool, then check out these unique experiences. ( They’re sure to make your next holiday an adventure.

By Blake Wheeler / Unsplash

1. Surf the Lost Coast, California:

“The Lost Coast wave is the stuff of American legend: a big, consistent, year-round swell that washes onto a rocky shore with high energy and perfect curvature—fast, clean, with long, long sweeps,” as Jim Gorman and Robert Earle Howells of National Geographic wrote.

By Kim Sallaway Photography / Facebook

2. Camp at El Cosmico, Marfa, TX:

“Accommodations at El Cosmico include renovated vintage trailers, safari and scout tents, Sioux-style tepees, a Mongolian yurt, and tent campsites. The property also offers several communal spaces for guests – a hammock grove, an outdoor kitchen and dining area, a community lounge and mercantile, an outdoor stage, a reading room. We rent wood-fired hot tubs as the burn ban allows, and bikes for exploring Marfa.” Tents are complete with brick floors and heated queen-size beds.

By Chris Schog / Unsplash

3. Snorkel the King Abdullah Reef in Aqaba, Jordan:

“While I didn’t have time to dive them myself, the best dive sites in Jordan are King Abdullah and Cedar Pride, which you can access from the southern city of Aqaba.”— Ashley Fleckenstein of Ashley Abroad.

By Tanguy Sauvin / Unsplash

4. Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking, Bolivia:

It’s called: The World’s Most Dangerous Road, a.k.a. the Death Road, but don’t worry, according to grindTV, “The entire ride takes four to five hours, and while it is potentially dangerous (there have been a reported 21 biker deaths on this road), it is not a difficult ride.”

By Barracuda Biking BOLIVIA / Facebook

5. Go Cave Tubing in New Zealand:

“In this underground universe, you’ll ride on high-speed rapids, maneuver through tight crevices and go down waterfalls while surrounded by hundreds of glowworms on the limestone walls.”

Courtesy: The Nomad Lab
Courtesy: The Nomad Lab

6. Trek the Great Himalaya Trail in Nepal:

Top 3 treks:

Api Base Camp Trek – 19 days:

Far away from civilization: adventure trek through remote terrain, pristine forests and alpine landscape. Enjoy spectacular views of Api Himal (7132m) and its neighboring peaks. Trekking style: Camping.

Khaptad National Park Trek – 10 days:

A paradise for nature lovers: enjoy the park’s incredible biodiversity with 135 species of flowers, 226 bird species and 23 species of mammals including barking deer, wild boar, leopard, wild dog and jackal. Trekking Style: Camping (basic teahouses in some villages)

Far West Exploratory – 15 days:

The final leg of the GHT low route across Nepal: trek from Rara Lake through untouched territory unaffected by the modern world. Pass through remote Chhetri villages. Trekking Style: Camping (basic teahouses in some villages)

By Kerensa Pickett / Unsplash

7. Genghis Khan Warrior Training in Mongolia:

“Under Genghis Khan, the Mongols were the strongest, swiftest and most agile military force of their day, employing advanced tactics and strategies. Learn archery and riding skills wearing traditional “deal” clothing, stay at a Mongolian ger camp, lasso horses, learn the secrets of centuries-old battle tactics, and witness a shaman ceremony.”

By Pioneer Expeditions / Facebook

8. BASE Jump at Zakynthos in Greece:

“Over the last few years, Navagio beach has become a meeting point for the sports fans and hosts the Summer BASE Jump Boogie event, where the best athletes of the world make more than 300 jumps in five days.”

Courtesy: Mashable
Courtesy: Mashable
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