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There’s something special about the dry heat of the desert. A sunrise hike, some midday pool time when the sun is high, dinner outdoors as the heat backs off and the desert cools — it’s a nice lifestyle and quite the escape from the fast-paced city. While heat can be nice, it can also be overwhelming and sometimes even a t-shirt and some shorts can feel suffocating. Why not go all natural and take in the Arizona heat without having to worry about clothes weighing you down? Arizona is home to a host of nudist resorts founded with the goal of taking in the beauty of the desert sans clothing. For all those well-versed in nudist community happenings to those looking to give it a try for the first time, here are our top picks for the best nudist locations in Arizona.

By Daniel Vargas

Bartlett Lake, Tonto National Forest

Located in central Arizona’s beautiful Tanto National Forest, Bartlett Lake is a refreshing cool down spot in the middle of a classic desert landscape. It also happens to have a reputation as a spot for nude swimming and sunbathing. A hike through the heat concluded by a dip in the lake’s frigid waters is a great combination. It’s a well-established nudist hangout so you’ll certainly meet some friends with similar plans for enjoying the lake.

By Igor Chus

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Mira Vista Resort, Tucson

Located in Arizona’s second-largest city, Mira Vista Resort is a 30-acre property with over one hundred years in business as one of the state’s premier naturist getaways. Set amongst saguaro cacti (we have to admit, being naked around saguaro cacti sounds a little risky) and other desert plants and animals typical to southern Arizona, the resort lacks little in natural beauty. Keeping the natural theme going, there’s a pool area where you can take in the rays and cool down in the water in your most natural form. The adobe-style buildings are very much in tune with Tucson’s style. 

Canyon State Naturists, Phoenix

Canyon State is all about representing the true core of the naturist community and celebrating the beautiful state of Arizona in the most natural way possible. Offering camping, boating, hiking, and even pool parties, Canyon State Naturists is a tight-knit community that believes in getting out there and exploring without having to worry about clothing. A registered organization, the group could also be described as an activist group as they put in plenty of work spreading awareness and educating people about their chosen way of life. If you’re interested in finding your nude tribe, check out these 6 Best Clothing-Optional Communities.

El Dorado Hot Springs, Tonopah

As the name suggests, El Dorado’s main attraction is the underground natural spring located below the site that pumps water into the small pools on the resort’s property. Located just 40 miles west of Phoenix, El Dorado is an easy way to escape the city and clear your mind while relaxing in the warm, rejuvenating spring water. There are private pools if you like to keep to yourself, or, if you’re more of a social nudist, there’s a larger communal pool area to unwind and chat with fellow guests. For more warm waters on bare skin, head over to the Best Clothing-Optional Hot Springs in Colorado.

By sylv1rob1

AZ Lagoon del Sol, Phoenix

AZ Lagoon del Sol is a more sophisticated, urban yet private nudist experience that stands in contrast to some of the more outdoorsy, rustic options on the list. An elegant private home located in north Phoenix, the resort has been converted into a clothing-optional bed and breakfast and is great for enjoying a quick getaway and taking in the Phoenix sun poolside. Receiving nothing but rave reviews on TripAdvisor, the bed and breakfast is an excellent option for those looking to dodge the crowds and enjoy their clothing-optional getaway in peace.

Tanque Verde Falls

An oasis in Saguaro National Park, just east of Tucson, Tanque Verde Falls is an awesome hiking destination where, on arrival, you can shed your sweaty clothing and enjoy the deep, refreshing natural pools. The heat may get to you, but the swimming holes will certainly cool you off. Surrounded by sharp rock faces, saguaro cacti, and desert wildlife, this is the ultimate desert experience. It has a reputation as a popular naturist destination so don’t be surprised if you meet other hikers with similar plans. Brush up on the do’s and don’ts before stripping off with our Naked Hiking Guide.

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