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Summer is here, which means we basically want to spend all of our time cooling off by the water. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the coolest places that you can rent a boat to stay in during your next vacation. Embrace your inner pirate and charter a boat around the world:


Bangkok, Thailand

Take a river cruise from Bangkok to Ayuthaya in this two-day adventure, which also includes stops along the way at local markets so you can get a feel for the local culture. The cruise includes accommodations and food and it is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok’s city life. You’ll be amazed at how serene the water around Bangkok immediately begin to feel as soon as you set sail. You can soak in the relaxed Thai pace of life from the water.


Santorini, Greece

Santorini is known for its gorgeous blue water and picturesque architecture, and we couldn’t imagine a more perfect view than from the water. It’s one of the world’s most sought-after destinations, especially for honeymooners. When you’re circling the island on a boat you’ll see Santorini’s volcanic terrain and unusual black sand beaches.

After cruising around the island, when you want to touch solid land you can stroll through the area of Oia, pronounced ‘la’, soaking in the views and its ancient, narrow streets. There’s a great hiking trail between Fira and Oia, which gives you amazing views of the Santorini volcano, which devastated the island in the 16th century following an eruption. Here’s a Greek island itinerary if you want to see more of the area.


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The Grenadines

The Grenadines are an island chain that is part of St.Vincent and Grenada and are made up of 32 islands and cays. You can rent a boat through a half board all-inclusive vacation, and your trip includes island tours and stops at beaches along the way. Island hopping in the Caribbean is one of the most incredible ways to explore the area. You’ll see tropical beach after tropical beach, and it will be a game of which beach had the whitest sand. The Grenadines are known for their yacht-filled harbors, it’s where the rich and famous come to escape prying eyes.


Stavanger, Norway

The only boat listed in the Stavanger area on Airbnb, “Shamal” is a Maxi Fenix sailboat that is sure to offer an incredibly unique experience in Norway. Book for four nights and your hosts will take you on a free trip to watch the stars or to the islands around Stavanger. Exploring Norway by boat is one of the most unique ways to see one of Scandinavia’s finest countries.


Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown’s stunning scenery and a wide range of activities make one of the top traveler’s destinations in New Zealand, and we love the idea of staying on a boat for an off-the-beaten-path experience of the town. If you’re feeling adventurous, check out AJ Hackett Bungy Jumping – Kawarau Bridge, which is just about 3 1/2 miles from Pacific Jemm.


Mekong River, South East Asia

One of the best ways to see South East Asia is by floating down the mighty Mekong River, which passes through Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. It’s the world’s twelfth longest river at an estimated length of 4,350 km. The most popular route is to ride a boat from Laos into Northern Thailand. You’ll pass ancient villages, tiny local communities, rice paddies, and river houses.

By Tourradar

Amazon, Brazil

Head on a boat through the Brazilian Amazon for an experience you’ll never forget. It’s an incredible way to see some of the Amazon’s wildlife, from pink dolphins through to creepy crawlies. The boats that ride through the Amazon waterways usually move at a very slow pace, and you can really understand the scale of the world’s largest tropical rainforest.

By Olivier Goujon / Lonely Planet

Marble Caverns, Chile

The Marble Caverns in Chile are one of the most stunning places to visit in Patagonia. Due to millions of years of water erosion, an impressive network of marble caves has formed and it’s one of the most unusual sights in the world. The caves can only be accessed by boat, and it is possible to kayak through the caves during low tide.


Kerala, India

India is home to its fair share of canals and waterways, and the best way to explore Kerala in southern India is by boat. Along the way, you can spot indigenous wildlife such as crabs, tropical frogs, and turtles.

By L.T. Thomas / CNN

The French Riviera, France

Oh, the French Riveria. It’s one of the most sophisticated holiday destinations in the world and it’s best enjoyed as the rich and famous do — by boat. Charter a boat or hop on a yacht and kick back and work on your tan while cruising around the incredible Riviera. Hop off at one of the area’s glamorous beach resorts such as Saint-Tropez and Cannes.

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