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Topless beaches are common in wild, free-loving Europe, but if you’re looking for a vacation on home turf where you can swim in the sea in your birthday suit, there are still several clothing-optional beaches to relax in state-side. If you’re a little nervous about making the jump from clothed to au naturel, our Nude Beach Etiquette guide has all the lowdown. From topless beaches in San Diego, through to hidden river beaches in Oregon where you won’t raise any eyebrows, here are the best topless beaches in the US:

By Anton Watman

1. San Gregorio, California

It’s no surprise the majority of the best topless beaches are in the more liberal state of California. San Gregorio is the oldest topless beach in the United States, and you’ll truly be able to relax amongst this fun-loving, carefree crowd. The beach features soft, golden sand and there’s a popular picnic spot overlooking the beach. The San Gregorio Creek flows down to the beach and creates a series of beautiful pools where you can spot wildlife and take a cold dip without the confines of your bikini top.

By Duilio Farina

2. Black’s Beach, San Diego

Black’s Beach in San Diego is the biggest nude beach in the United States, however, half of the beach crosses over a state park line, where it’s illegal to go topless — be careful where you put your towel (look out for other nude sunbathers for an indication). The beach has golden sand and large waves, so you’ll also find a lot of surfers in the water. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can mix the two, and go surfing in the nude.

By Sherry V Smith

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3. Kehena Beach, Hawaii

Kehena Beach on Big Island is one of the most popular nudist beaches in Hawaii. The beach features Hawaii’s iconic black sand and to get there you’ll have to hike from the main highway, meaning it’s quite private and there won’t be any prying eyes. It’s known for its fun weekend parties, with things really kicking off on Sundays. It’s also known by locals as ‘Dolphin Beach’ as Spinner Dolphin are have been sighted there.

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By James Steidl

4. Haulover Beach, Miami

Haulover Beach is one of the only legal nude beaches in the United States. It’s a stunning, secluded bay, with sugar white sand and turquoise waters. It’s also an incredibly popular beach, attracting over one million visitors every year. There are several picnic areas with beautiful views of the ocean; bring along some snacks and embrace a tan free of strap-lines. 

By Mia2you

5. Gunnison Beach, New Jersey

Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook, New Jersey, is the only legal nude beach in the state. The beach was once a testing ground for the U.S Army and was a spot where soldiers used to skinny dip before it was opened as a clothing-optional beach several years later. Today, it’s known to be one of the best topless beaches in the U.S thanks to its relaxed, fun atmosphere. It’s packed with toned, tanned bodies, and many visitors who look like they’ve just stepped out of MTV’s Jersey Shore. 

By Sahani Photography

6. Collins Beach, Oregon

Collins Beach is located on Columbia River in Sauvie Island, Oregon. It’s a clothing-optional river beach where you can relax in your birthday suit without raising eyebrows. It’s an incredibly chilled place, so take the opportunity to get off-the-grid and leave your phone at home. 

By Artazum

7. Baker Beach, San Francisco

Not only does Baker Beach offer incredible views of San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge, you can also enjoy the amazing vista in the buff. The beach is a popular choice for naturists in the Bay area and while the water is extremely cold and the surf can be dangerous, many people come to do a spot of sunbathing and work on their all-over-body tan.

By nito

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