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You booked a room in a luxury hotel, but upon arrival, inspired by the decadence, you decide to hunt for an upgrade. You’ve already dipped your foot in the luxury pool, why not dive in? Maybe you can finesse your way into the presidential suite. Here are our tips for the best ways to get a luxury hotel upgrade.

By Nick Karvounis

Turn on the charm

Before we get into the more technical strategies, simple manners and a bit of charm can be the most effective weapons. Greet the concierge by name, go out of your way to be polite… maybe even offer a compliment or two. Don’t overdo it, but establishing a relationship with the head concierge might just turn the key when you decide to ask if there’s an open suite.

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Check in late

Checking in late means the staff knows which rooms are still vacant. They don’t want to move you into a room that a high roller might need later, but if it’s five minutes until the check-in deadline and there’s an open suite, the staff has nothing to lose.

By Manuel Moreno

Upsell program

Many hotels have what’s called an upsell program for front desk employees. It works like this: You ask if a suite is open and then offer to pay below the asking price but above the price of your current room. The employee at the desk makes a commission on the change and you get an upgrade for a reduced price.

By Christopher Schulz

Don’t ask in front of everyone

Asking for an upgrade in front of the whole lobby puts pressure on the staff. It’s best to ask in a more private way so that the staff member can respond without any jealous eyes watching.

By Xavier Coiffic

Know who runs the show

Asking a concierge on their first day won’t get you too far. Figure out who manages the concierges and introduce yourself upon arrival. Go straight to them when it’s time to ask.

How to Get a Luxury Hotel Upgrade
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