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If you’re hunting for a nudist resort getaway, the weather is probably a major factor. After all, showing all your skin in the Minnesota winter doesn’t sound like the greatest idea, does it? How about Palm Springs or the Bay Area? A little better, right? So if you’re looking to take it all off and be around some folks who aren’t scared to do the same, we suggest you head to California. We’ve picked out California’s top five nudist resorts to help you get the most out of your naked vacation.

California's Top Five Nudist Resorts
Photo by Pixabay


1. Lupin Lodge

Official Website: lupinlodge.com

Known For: Located in the beautiful foothills of the Santa Cruz mountains in Northern California, Lupin Lodge is the ultimate getaway for nearby Silicon Valley workers and visitors looking for a little different flavor.

City: Los Gatos


2. Arroyo del Sol

By ArroyoDelSol

Official Website:  clothingoptionalhomenetwork.com

Known For: Unbelievably built in a home modeled by the son of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, a respected designer in his own right, this Los Angeles adjacent getaway provides a quiet and historic home for visiting nudists.

City: Pasadena


3. Freedom Acres Swinger Resort

Nudist Resorts
Photo by Freedom Acres Resorts

Official Website: Freedomacresresorts.com

Known For: With a clothing-optional pool and foam parties, this is definitely one of the rowdier spots on the list.

City: San Bernardino


4. Warm Sands Casita

Nudist Resorts
Photo by Matthew

Known For: A hosted Airbnb, Warm Sands features a pool, spa, and an outdoor shower. Palm Springs is somewhat of a hotbed for nude accommodations and this option is a nice alternative to the larger, sometimes overwhelming resorts.

City: Palm Springs

Book Now at Warm Sands Casita

5. Desert Sun Resort

Official Website:  desertsunresort.com

Known For: Another clothing-optional resort in Palm Springs, Desert Sun offers a large pool area, tennis courts, and firepit lounges.

City: Palm Springs

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California’s Top Five Nudist Resorts
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  1. Kenneth M Hooper

    Laguna del sol is the place to go !

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