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Adventure travelers, pack your bags — Mexico is waiting for you! From beaches to historic sites, to vibrant towns and buzzing cities, the country is perfect for your next vacation. Plus, if you’re looking for true adventure, you won’t have to look far. If launching off giant rocky cliffs into the warm water below is something you’re looking for, here are the best spots to go cliff diving in Mexico.

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1. La Quebrada, Acapulco

La Quebrada, located in the famous beach town of Acapulco, is almost synonymous with cliff diving in Mexico. The 100-foot cliff is famous for being the biggest challenge in town — just ask the divers of La Quebrada. Clavadistas de La Quebrada (‘La Quebrada Cliff Divers’ in English) are a world-famous group of professional divers who perform daily shows for the public off the giant cliff overlooking the Pacific Sea. The group has been regularly performing since the 1930s after they were discovered and turned into international stars. Cliff diving at La Quebrada even holds a Guinness World Record for being the one of the “Highest regularly performed head-first dives” in the world. While we can’t recommend you take on this feat if you’re not a professional, we can tell you the best spot to watch the divers perform, and that’s at La Perla.

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2. Cenotes, Yucatan

Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is famous for many things: unique culture, rich food, pristine beaches, and of course, the great cliff diving. The Cenotes were once thought to be the entrance to the underworld of the Mayan Empire, and nowadays are one of the most popular watery tourist sites in the region. Cliff diving in the Cenotes is highly sought after for adventurous souls and with good reason. The best spots to dive into the aquamarine waters is in Lol Ha, Ik-kil, Zaci, Cristalino, and Jardin del Eden. The Cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula are an easy day trip from the famous beaches of Playa del Carmen, Tulum, or Cancun.

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3. Parque Glorieta Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada, Mazatlan

For world-class diving, head to Mazatlan, in the Sinaloa state on Mexico’s western coast. The park along the Pacific Ocean, Parque Glorieta Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada is also known as El Clavadista, or ‘the Cliff Diver’, for its prime cliff diving spots. The 50-foot cliff sits above just six foot deep waters, making it an intimidating challenge. You can try the cliffs out for yourself, or, if you’re not convinced, watch the local professionals jump down into the waters below. Mazatlan cliff diving is known worldwide for the daring men and women who jump down for a little tip. Unlike in La Quebrada, there is no official show, but rather, head right to the park, offer some money, and watch them go. Check out other beaches in the area with our guide to the Best Beaches in Mexico.

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4. Matacanes, Santiago

Located in northern-central Mexico, Matacanes gives you underwater adventures, including underwater cliff diving in one of the biggest and best canyoning experiences in the country. In Matacanes, choose from all the best canyon adventures — canyoning, 27 cliff jumps, slides, caves, and, of course, swimming in the water flowing through the canyons. Spend the night before in a cabin by the park, and rent all the gear you need for your cliff diving adventures. Matacanes is one of the top-rated places in the Monterrey area, offering something the whole family will love.

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