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There comes a point if everyone’s life where a trip to Cancun is absolutely required. It’s the Vegas of Mexico — the party-seeking traveler’s obligatory right of passage. If you’ve decided that you’re mentally and physically prepared for a trip to the belly of the beast, your next step is to decide where to stay. Luckily, AllTheRooms has you covered. We’ve done our research and compiled a concise list of the five best hostels in the area. Scroll down to check out the best, most budget-friendly accommodations in Cancun.

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Mezcal Hostel

Weekly BBQ’s, a game room, a pool, walking distance from some of the best bars and restaurants in the city — for these reasons Mezcal is continuously rated as one of the best budget hostels in Cancun. At Mezcal, breakfast and dinner are included in the price of your stay, so you can spend more money on snorkeling adventures and tequila shots, the things that matter. The staff (and the owner Victor in particular) are known to be extremely accommodating for any and all needs, including all the vegetarians out there. Dorm beds start out at around $12 and private rooms will run you about $30.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

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Hostel Ka’beh

In the hostel and travel industry, a decade in business feels like a lifetime. Since 2008, Hostel Ka’beh has been considered Lonely Planet’s premier hostel in Cancun. Although it’s definitely categorized as a party hostel, Ka’beh focuses on ‘slow travel’, allowing guests to enjoy everything from adventures and tacos to beaches and hammocks. Located right in the center of downtown Cancun, the location of this spot is unbeatable. Just a few steps outside the door and you’ll be at a number of the best cultural spots in town. Dorm beds start out at under $10 USD and private rooms will cost you about $18.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

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Hostel Quetzal

Located in the heart of Old Town Cancun near the main bus station, Hostel Quetzal is perhaps the option on this list that best embodies the party hostel vibe. Everything here seems to revolve around meeting new people and having rowdy late-night experiences. Complimentary tequila shots are served with dinner every night if that gives you an idea of the vibe they’re going for. A beautiful 1.5-mile walk along a jungle trail will lead you to the closest beach, Playa Las Perlas, or you can opt for a simple 10-minute bus ride. For all the partying and debauchery that happens at Quetzal, the hostel runs like a well-oiled machine. Lockers, linens, and towels are all included, rooms are air-conditioned, wifi speeds are through the roof. Beds, depending on the room, will run anywhere from $8 USD to $40.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

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The Mermaid Hostel

Owned and operated by two young travelers, the Mermaid Hostel has perfectly curated the hostel experience with people like you in mind. It’s a place to stay with all the expected amenities, but it also has more tours and packages available than any other accommodation in the area. Looking to break up your partying with a visit to an ancient Mayan ruin? They can help you out. What about swimming with whale sharks? Scuba diving? Nightlife tours to all of the funkiest spots in the city? If you have some extra money to spend, consider booking one of these tours with the Mermaid Hostel.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

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Hotel Margaritas

If you’re looking for a budget hostel, but are more interested in the “budget” part than the “hostel” part, check out Margaritas. They call themselves a hotel, but the price of the rooms and general vibe has them toeing the line with other like-minded hostels. The rooms are a little nicer, the decor is a bit cleaner, and in general, you could be happy shelling out a few extra dollars if that means not coming home to a hoard of hammered spring breakers.

The best vacation rentals for the lowest price

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